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Published June 19th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

 I don’t want to know how long this took. I am guessing someone was bored in class. I like it.

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  1. Milady the Right Reverend Saucy the Mad of Lesser Tookie says:

    It was a literary analysis of a short story about a woman murdering her husband. She couldn’t really deal with it, but it was half-written and she won’t be a senior next year if she flunks Composition 11. What an amazingly crappy year this has been. On a more positive note, she’s still flying through her Calculus I course at the local community college. She’s smart, but she doesn’t like to write “stupid papers.”
    I’m really starting to wonder why Bobby hasn’t reinstated the Recent Comments or even responded to emails about them. I’m confused.
    Also, if an actual hate-mailer strolls through this thread, he or she is going to think we’re just too damn crazy and/or silly to bother with.

  2. Rowdiest Wench, Wench Beth's Exalted Head Soul says:

    @ SaucyWench – I hope the paper comes out better than you expect. You guys are dealilng with a lot right now…maybe her teachers will understand! I hope so…
    @ everyone – I missed a lot of fun today! :((( So I’ll just add:
    I haven’t seen any RECENT COMMENTS. Has anyone else?

  3. Rowdiest Wench, Wench Beth's Exalted Head Soul says:

    @ Milady Saucy the Mad – What atrocious timing on the short story. I hope your daughter is doing OK now that it’s done.

  4. Milady the Right Reverend Saucy the Mad of Lesser Tookie says:

    @ Rowdiest Wench – She went to her boyfriend’s house to watch Star Wars. It was imperative that she watch it. The paper was just too much for her. It was due in October, but she got really sick in the fall and winter, and had to take Incompletes in a lot of her classes. She was just beginning to really get it together when her father died. She’s doing as well as can be expected, though.
    She just has to take a chemistry final tomorrow and she’ll be all done. That’s easy for her because chemistry isn’t very emotional or vague.
    Somehow nine days have passed and we’re all still functioning. It isn’t pretty, but we’re doing it. Where’s a fundie? I could really use the distraction right now.

  5. Milady the Right Reverend Saucy the Mad of Lesser Tookie says:

    I’m going to Hell, aren’t I? I know, I know.

  6. Peter Popoff says:

    Cheer up Saucy!
    Life does suck at times, we both know that.
    We just have to look at the good times we’ve had!
    The bad times always remain, but if we put them out of mind,
    and think of the good. It makes it easier.
    Just always remember, someone, somewhere, has it harder then you.
    Hard to believe in your current state.
    But, again in your line of work… you konw just how bad off some are.
    Keep the faith kiddo!
    Peter Popoff

  7. Milady the Right Reverend Saucy the Mad of Lesser Tookie says:

    Thanks, Peter. You’re right, of course. I went for a 7-mile bike ride with my son today. It was glorious. Where I live is pretty rural, so we rode past a dairy farm, a river, some woods, and corn fields. It was warm and it felt good to be in the moment, living in my body.
    Since my ex died, I’ve been very appreciative of my current husband. I thanked him for being alive. He said, “Gee, thanks honey.” I guess it lost something in the translation, but I think he knew what I meant.
    On a very basic level, I really am glad to be alive.

  8. Rowdiest Wench, Wench Beth's Exalted Head Soul says:

    @ Saucy – Please let your daughter know that I am thinking good thoughts for her and hope she does well. Sounds like a pretty rough few months. I wish her well! And you. I haven’t been through anything like what you are dealing with but in the course of fighting some personal demons I’ve had some bad times. But, I have great friends, a husband who loves me and a horse that is my salvation. So I know what you mean about being glad to be alive.
    RAmen Peter!

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