Classroom preaching

Published June 9th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


With my attachment you can view Him in my 4th period class as i have advertised him by drawing him on the board. My teacher was very kind to it, and today when i came to class i realized someone had erased it so i re-drew Him. I am going to begin sending out flyers and have currently converted one serious member to His greatness.
please get back to me. RAmen. –Matt

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  1. ۞ says:

    Nice to see the FSM penetrating the classroom at last.

  2. ۞ says:

    Woo Hoo! First post. First Post. I got a first post!

  3. Lilith♥ says:

    Damn, missed a first post ;)

  4. Lilith♥ says:

    Good work, Matt!!

  5. DutchPastaGuy says:

    This makes for a refreshing change to seeing creationism being shoved down pupils throats. If the teacher officially promotes it then we would have achieved what Booby set out to do with his open letter: Pastafarianism being taught alongside evolution and ID. I feel the embrace of His noodly appendages.

  6. Aristotle, God of Satire says:

    Finally, Pastafarianism is being taught in classrooms.
    “…what Booby set out to do with his open letter….”

  7. Professor B♥♥ty says:

    Hoorah and RAmen.
    And in other news has anyone seen any recent comments?

  8. Lilith♥ says:

    Hey, do you realize that we all act like Ectoparasites here? We graze on one thread and if there is something better, we all abandon it to migrate to the new, fresh one. Funny. :D
    That makes me wonder, where do you think are the RECENT COMMENTS?

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