Update on the burglary

Published May 18th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

We think it was probably our neighbor’s daughter’s friends.  Some of our other neighbors were around when it happened, and saw them sitting on the stairs, hanging out.  We’re thinking it’s unlikely that someone else walked up the stairs – past them, took a bunch of stuff and walked out.   They (the neighbor’s friends) said that they didn’t see anything, and then immediately took off. We know what school they go to, and the police lifted some fingerprints… so there’s hope.

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  1. Pastafarian Girl says:

    May she be whipped with a wet noodle!


  2. Uberbob says:

    Being a teen, I say it sounds suspicious.
    It’s the american way.

  3. ۞ says:

    Latest frigging Comments! Comments, frigging, the latest!Frigging Comments, the latest!

  4. Wench Beth says:

    Burglary! Burglary! Someone has stolen the “Recent Comments” section from the home page! We need it back! Call the police! Call the FSM! Call Prophet Bobby! We gotta have our “Recent Comments” back!!!

  5. Wench Nikkiee says:

    In the meantime :((
    Due to unknown circumstances, the regular members of the CoFSM are all out back in a room which currently has no windows…so to speak! What this means, is that we can’t see any direct indication of RECENT COMMENTS left by anyone anywhere else. (on other topic threads) You’ll currently find us all over at the New Server (say no more) thread. Please drop over to by clicking the “New Server” link at the top right of your screen or by clicking the following link. Then we’ll know you are here. (:)))

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