The 4-Hour Workweek

Published May 22nd, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


I just read this book titled The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. It’s by far the best business/productivity book I’ve ever read. It’s all about cutting out the garbage that robs your time, and pursuing the things that matter.

I think maybe I liked it so much because I’ve been trying to avoid a “real job” so hard for the last couple years.

There’s a lot of really important, counter-intuitive ideas laid out in this book. Like, for instance: Busyness is a form of laziness to avoid doing the important things you need to do. I have days where I check my email 10+ times a day, and get nothing done.

If you’re interested in this kind of stuff, and I suspect a lot of Pastafarians are, check out Tim’s blog here. Or go buy the book here.

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  1. Cap'n Caroline Pegleg says:

    Not all at once, I might add. That would be just wrong.

  2. DutchPastaGuy says:

    @Cap’n Caroline Pegleg
    Rain delivers the water that is used to boil pasta into its more tasty form and it also makes up most of our Holy Beer. How can you say it is insulting?!

  3. Wench Beth says:

    To Cap’n Caroline Pegleg… rain is sacred to the FSM! The more, the better! Of course, I do live in the high desert… how about just sending some of your rain to me?

  4. ۞ says:

    Well done Aristotle

  5. Aristotle, God of Satire says:

    I know next to nothing about BBCode.

  6. Dread Wench L'TUAE says:

    @Wench Beth- you can take some of our rain. Really, have it. It’s getting pretty damn annoying.

  7. Wench Beth says:

    To Dread Wench L’TUAE… I changed my mind. Send that rain over to the Church of Google. They need a good drenching right now… heh heh. Let’s just say they are NOT my best friends right now!!!

  8. ۞ says:

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