more art

Published May 15th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


Sent by I-ya Pastare. I like it.

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  1. SaucyWench says:

    Peter, I have been informed by my friend from Alabama that the correct plural of ‘ya’ll’ is ‘all y’all.’ FYI

  2. Peter Popoff says:

    Hi Saucy.
    Just goes to show, them rednecks don’t even know what their saying. :)

  3. Ares says:

    Nothing changed around here I see.

  4. Pope Pixel the Xenocidal says:

    Nothing at all!

  5. Alchemist the Impaler (with a certain Popeness about him) says:

    Ares – long time no see – how are the horns?

  6. Pope Pixel the Impalee says:

    See, now we’re a team!
    Cept I’m bleeding profusely… ouch.

  7. Ares says:

    What happened to chat?

  8. Peter Popoff says:

    Pixely dude, not good!
    From over here, looks like D is sticking it up your ass.
    Just so you know.

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