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Published May 15th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


Sent by I-ya Pastare. I like it.

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  1. Pope Pixel the Amazing says:

    FIRST POST W00T!!!
    Ah, finally. Eat that Aristotle!

  2. Cap'n (not) Sophisiticated says:

    damn! so close, damn laggy pc

  3. Cap'n (not) Sophisiticated says:

    is that a straw in his other hand, for the sauce?

  4. Xanthus says:

    FSM dammit, why can i never seem to get a first post hit

    ah well
    nice art guys
    i spose
    im now off to relax in a piratey huff

  5. Pope Pixel the Amazing says:

    That’s right, I think I’ll take this time to bask in my glory of having the first post!
    Ahh… that was nice. I’ve never seen you two laddies around here, but I’m probably just blind.
    Trust me though, this is my like, 8th month here and I’ve only had the first post twice.

  6. Xanthus says:

    oh btw im trying to spread the word of the mighty noodles

    im 17 and from norwich uk, i dont think iv oficially introduced myself before but i took interest in the superiour level of intelect in this highly philsosh…HAHAHA, seriously tho im just interested in any religion that encourages pirate activity

    (clich`e) Rock on dudes


  7. Cap'n (not) Sophisiticated says:

    i was preaching in graphics and science today, we’ve started evolution in biology!
    the teacher didn’t even call it a theroy! let alone read the christian creation story, if the other teacher (cos we’re having a sub till the summer holidays) wasn’t in the room i would of busted the gospel out of my blazer pocket and given the alternative :D

  8. Cap'n (not) Sophisiticated says:

    edit: make a mistake there
    said let alone read the christian creation story
    meant to say, and she read the christian creation story, without saying anything on other storys

    p.s Catholic schools ftl

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