I was just curious

Published May 13th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I was just curious about why it is you think that the monster is in any way equal belief to other religions. Why exactly did you begin this religion (?), what were your thoughts? I can begin to come to my own conclusions on your thought process, but i wonder if you could exlplain it to me. This subject seems to be pretty important to you, but why would you spend so much time to take hope or beliefs away from others? Do you think that you are simply much more intelligent than the many brilliant men who have come to the conclusion that God exists, or have you simply discovered something they had no access to?

Please respond to this e-mail, this is the MOST important subject any person will ever face. I would appreciate a response.

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  1. Vamos says:

    Totally offtopic, How would I pernounce RAmen in Dutch? Because like, in dutch I would be saying windows (the see-through kind, direct translation of RAmen).. that would sound kind of stupif wouldn’t it?

  2. ☠DutchPastaGuy☠ says:

    “Totally offtopic, How would I pernounce RAmen in Dutch? Because like, in dutch I would be saying windows (the see-through kind, direct translation of RAmen).. that would sound kind of stupif wouldn’t it?”
    RAmen in Dutch is spelled the same as windows as you say, but it’s pronounced differently.The a is longer than when pronounced in English, perhaps a bit like when someone screams ‘Whaaaa’. The ‘men’ ending part sounds the same as in English.

  3. -sean- FSM says:


  4. ۞ says:

    The most important holiday coming up is International Talk Like A Pirate Day on 19th September.
    It is very important do your bit and talk like a pirate as much as possible.

  5. SarahSupaStar says:

    WE are trying to take hope or beleif away form others?!?!
    What about the crusades?! Or the journies to the new world, funded by the queen on the condition that every “savage” met be taught christianity?! What about Hitler killing everyone who was not a blond-haired blue-eyed christian?!
    This is not FORCING peole to believe. This is simply spreading word of a new religion and hoping tht people will accept it and adopt it as their own.

  6. Joshau says:


    This was one time where I have to agree to disagree…

  7. But,Pirate X says:

    We didn’t create FSM to do anything… it peacibly existed for thousands of years since the dawn of time until we got tired of all these other religions constantly fighting and killing and going around do not so kind or goodly things. We have always existed in SECRET and we have more heritage than any other religion you care to name (since we are the oldest). Fortunately for us too! as I’m glad we didn’t have a crusade or Jihad or genocide launched against our funloving and carefree ancestors (except by accident — poor pirates).
    The great FSM gave everyone freedoms which people in the past used to find other religions (one of the reasons why I sometimes question my faith). But we understand and respect those freedoms and allow you to have your own beliefs and we love you anyways (especially your booty). You may find it difficult to understand or love different people or perhaps find it necessary to determine guilt so you can forgive them and allow yourself to love (we feel that sort of mentality demonstrates no respect and it is not the true meaning of love — love and respect — not love and guilt and forgiveness — it also pisses on the idea of do onto others as the guilt thing really screws things up there too).
    But anyways, I’m getting off topic, this isn’t about your misconceptions about our religion which we prefer to keep private even now, I just want to point out:
    `1.We didn’t start a religion, we just stopped being secrative about the oldest religion which is possibly an alien concept to you and your religion. We had no need to announce it in the past.
    `2.The purpose of the announcement was nothing to do with religion or promoting it or demoting others. We have always valued learning and experimenting and the scientific process (especially after the marvellous drugs developed in the 60s) and we didn’t want to confuse matters by having creationism studied without the sound and defendible position presented by FSM.
    `2b.It is also important to use our scientific theories relating to global warming to combat global warming. Other creation theories are so limited in so many different ways and we want to do something good for our futures.
    `3.There was no thought given to spending any time doing anything — let alone using time constructively!? to take away hopes and beliefs… this was exclusivily about the creationscience. We would certainly not spend time doing things or spend time constructively. I can keep saying that all day.
    `4.Well, if I was a woman I would probably be more intelligent than any man, but as a man I’m about as stupid as they come (actually have there been any female religious leaders?), but if something is more important that intelligence, it would be sense. Even the first meatball didn’t know how or why fire worked, but it had enough sense not to want to go in the fire. Similiarly like fire, you may not comprehend all of god’s methods and meanings but you know that the FSM. Look, I’ll type it again FSM. See there it was twice… can’t argue with that. FSM. Three times!! It must definately exist. FMS… nope, but don’t let that fool you I’m dyslexic so you know what? That was Fuor Times!!
    `5.Yes, you’re right, your initial proposition “I was just curious” is indeed the most important question any man or woman has (although most already know)… but it is important that everyone know that doing things like that with a member of the same sex is not wrong… it may be disgusting or perverted, but not wrong and that is a question you have to answer yourself if you are “curious”.

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