I am very concerned about something

Published May 13th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson
I read your web site and I am very concerned about something.  I consider myself a good Christian and I have read the Bible many times (not like some of the so-called Christians people who post to your web site and just yell and say stupid things).  So I am familiar with most parts of the Bible but in no place that I have seen is there any reference to pasta or a being that resembles your flying spaghetti monster.  God created man, and man created pasta, but if it was any different than that there would be a reference in the Bible.  So I am worried that perhaps your religion is not based on real evidence that God wrote.  Please feel free to write back to me and I will be glad to discuss this with you if you like.
God bless,

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  1. Aristotle, God of Satire says:

    @Cinta – I don’t believe the Bible.

  2. Aristotle, God of Satire says:

    This religion is not based on “evidence” from the Bible.

  3. Aristotle, God of Satire says:

    So, I guess that would mean your worries are relevant.

  4. St John the Blasphemist says:

    I’ve said this before & I’ll say it again.
    The bible says God made man in His own image. How many people do you know of that look like an old bearded guy in a cossack, and how many body parts, right down to the molecular level look like spaghetti & meatballs?
    There’s your Biblical evidence.
    St John the Blashemist
    Saint of Endoplasmic Reticulae

  5. cemtech says:

    Well you see, the FSM made God. So that way God could make a bible. The FSM knew that he would be discovered later, but that the God puppet would do fine as a start.

  6. Rowdy Wench says:

    @ Aris – you got first post twice tonight! Woo hoo!

    @ St. John the Blasphemist – hiya! Hope you are well!

    Can’t stay, wish I could but long day tomorrow so I’m off for some sleep…

  7. Wench Beth says:

    Cinta, I hate to burst your bubble, but the Bible is a fiction book written by men who were smoking something nasty. They were not Pastafarians; therefore, there is no reference to the FSM or pasta in the Bible. If the FSM had wanted references to His Holy Self, He would have caused the freaky men to write them into their story. But He didn’t. .
    Now that your religion has been blasted into space, you are welcome to join us! Worship His Holy Noodliness and become a pirate wench like so many of us! Trust me, it’s more fun than what you’re up to now. RAmen!

  8. Wench Beth says:

    To St John the Blasphemist… a double RAmen to you!

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