cutty sark burns

Published May 21st, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Sad news. The 19th century clipper The Cutty Sark caught fire and burned out of control.  Police are treating the fire as “suspicious”.
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  1. csgd says:

    I think we should get hundred’s of replica Cutty Sark’s built to sail the world with the good news of the FSM and the impending marriage in heaven to the IPU.

    We would also sort out global warming – sailing has a minimal carbon footprint compared with aircraft – delcine in pirates did lead to global warming and we can reverse global warming by launching Cutty Sarks!

  2. csgd says:

    Glory be! FSM stops global warming!

  3. Gazza says:

    What a shame the olp Clipper got burnt, I think it might have been done by pay back Paddy not a Ninja but a Guinness soaked old fool

  4. Jon says:

    Well we and the UK branch of the FSM had a ceremony on a real pirate ship in London the Golden Hind, dressed as pirates we even had the BBC filming

    Hasn’t made much news on the board unfortunately even through it was 2 world firsts

    1) First FSM ceremony and meeting on a real pirate ship (well in modern times)
    2) First FSM meeting funded by the tax payer (ie the BBC)


  5. Al Quin of York says:

    Har harrrr! Ye’ll have to try harder to keep the ole girl down. Flames won’t do it! The Cutty Sark will rise from the ashes and not be renamed The Cutty Phoenix.

  6. ۞ says:

    Latest frigging Comments! Comments, frigging, the latest!Frigging Comments, the latest!

  7. Wench Beth says:

    The Cutty Sark wants to see the “Recent Comments” come back to the home page! And so do we loyal Pastafarians!

  8. Earthbreaker says:

    It’s really sad for the local area, it was such a nice thing to have around (I live in Lewisham, I could walk to the Cutty Sark in about 45 mins. They were refurbishing anyway, so none of the masts and stuff were damaged. Here’s to hoping they can rebuild the old treasure!


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