cutty sark burns

Published May 21st, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Sad news. The 19th century clipper The Cutty Sark caught fire and burned out of control.  Police are treating the fire as “suspicious”.
0greenwichcuttysarkfront.jpg 0_cutty_fire.jpg

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  1. Lilith♥ says:

    I can play now, too :)

  2. Lilith♥ says:

    That’s funny, we complain if there are too many people posting and also, when it’s empty ;P

  3. Red Dutch Pasta Wench says:

    Lilith: damned time-zones! I often feel that when I want to play everyone else is away too!

  4. Professor B♥♥ty says:

    BAck now – just did bathtime :D

  5. Lilith♥ says:

    RDPW: we two will have the same time zone again next year! ;)

  6. Lilith♥ says:

    Booty, my tub is full of sandbox-sand!!

  7. Professor B♥♥ty says:

    I hope you decide to come to England Lilith – then we can meet up, and get the kids officially engaged ;) :D

  8. Ûž says:

    I don’t think many ships are built to be priate ships.
    But a fast tea-clipper sounds like an excellent choice to me.
    It will have a nice big cargo hold for our booty and be able to out run other vessels!
    As soon as they rebuild it, I’m having another go!

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