You Atheists think you have got it all figured out huh?

Published April 12th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

You Atheists think you have got it all figured out huh? So you THINK you know that there is no God so you make up this ridiculous fake religion. The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? COME ON!! As if making fun of Christians for believing in God wasn’t bad enough you have to mock us by making up The Flying Spaghetti monster? Yeah, I know that an atheist made this crap up, because no one is stupid enough to actually believe Pasta is our Almighty God. This is totally wrong and whoever started this is seriously going to pay unless you repent. Because if you don’t, you and all your believers are all going to burn in HELL for eternity. So pick up a Bible, and READ IT!!

A Strong Christian

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  1. TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

    Good point, James. Who here has had various sects approach us with literature telling us how to live? Everyone? And how many of those pamphleteers were atheists? None, right?

    Seems it’s the religious who think they speak for the almighty, not the non-believers.

  2. Brenda aka bctoadlover says:

    I did not read any of the comments just the original posting.

    Atheism is a religion. They call their God evolution. They worship the god called evolution and they create their life according to it.

    Religion is nothing more than a collection of thoughts created to help human beings make sense of the world around them and then to enable them to cope with it and live in it.

    If an atheist needs to create a spaghetti monster (I do not know what this refers to) in order to make sense of the world the Christians are creating then that is how he is coping.

    I believe all worlds are real, all worlds exist. That giant spider in the horror movies eating people is just as real as the ones that visit me once in a while so I can feel powerful by capturing them and taking them outside where they can live a free and wonderful or free and horrible life.

    I allow them to be, and I focus upon creating thoughts that help me to make sense of my world. Thoughts that feel good to me. For when I feel good, I can accomplish feats of greatness and feats of smallness. When I attack others when I seek to alter their world into mine, I feel bad and I create illness, anger, frustration, and poison the world of all those I come in contact with.

    If they want their spaghetti monsters, if they want to live in a world where they just do not understand Christians, Sikhs, Moslems, Jews, Pantheists (me), then so be it. I will live my life in joy confident that my beliefs are the ones meant for me. And they will live their life in the reality they are creating.

    Peace within my heart, acceptance of myself, acceptance of parts of me undesired, is the beginning, the seed from which I nourish all those around me. Athieist, Christians, I know them all. I love them all. I understand that at the very core of each human being is the desire to feel good. All that they are doing is attempting to find their own way to feel good and be true to themselves. Every moment of every day everyone is doing their best. Sometimes our best really really sucks. It is still our best. It is not an easy thing to accept our imperfections. I have a cold, I have not had enough sleep, I am malnourished, I am impoverished, I am so in debt that I can have a computer and connect to the internet, my mother is sick, my new friend is a phychic who hits her children with the energy of anger in her eyes and hurts them far worse than if she hit them with her fists. This is my best. These words, in this moment, is my best. Tough to accept isn’t it?

  3. Pesto says:

    Warning: Strong Christians can bench 400+

  4. Strong Atheist! says:

    You are naive! Do you really think that there is a man up there? looking down on you and all other humans every day, every minute, every second of your whole life? haha, no this is too stupid!
    Religion where made for two things! Money and power … Nothing else! Smart people have realized how easily they could control over other people, and made this religious system.
    don’t you ever think of it? you certainly pay many thousands to a state-church or to an organization or what. why? do you think that’s gonna make you a better christian! I respect that you have a Religion, and that you want to swim in ignorance. But I’m not late in responding to you when you say you know you’re right! because I know you are wrong. there is too much to say in the religion and you have absolutely no evidence that it at all, is something like a God .. And when I ask a Christian about what he has for a defense, he says the Bible!? WTF?
    it was people who wrote it! xD the whole thing is so korupt! and that people do not see it is just ridiculous ..
    if you want to know the truth, you must seek the truth, because truth will set you free! and to you other people, you must not let this plague take control over you life! spread the truth, like the Christians spread lies!

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