Satan sure has a hold on you.

Published April 11th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Mr. Henderson,

All I can say is, Satan sure has a hold on you. Since you feel you need to be spreading nonsense around instead of truth. My prayer for you is that one day you will find the Lord Jesus…not the “Flying Spaghetti Monster” as the one you will look to for your daily strength. It’s too bad that you are taking this so lightly, The fact of the matter is, our founding fathers founded this nation on TRUE religious principles, not the nonsense you are making up. I’ll be praying for you, and your followers.

Kim [xxxxxxxx]

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  1. Hooch says:

    doctor weerdo, that is an excellent point. Wasnt one of the reasons the ‘pilgrims’ originally came to the ‘new world’ to escape the religious persecution? Its sad that now Christian America feels that they have the right to persecute others, when the original founders of America were here to escape that same problem.

  2. pheer6224 says:

    Didn’t the pilgrims come here for religious freedom?

  3. Martha says:

    No, the Pilgrims did NOT come here for religious freedom! They came in order to practice THEIR religion, but they did not plan to offer such freedom to other religions. A common misconception.

  4. Theo says:


    Stop doing that.

    OT: Satan doesn’t have a hold on us, because we don’t believe he exists.

  5. neal says:

    When Xtains claim America was founded as a Christian nation, they are full of it. While true, the original pilgrims founded a religious based colony in Massachusetts, and another in Virginia, what is overlooked is the founding occurred fully 170 years prior to the Declaration of Independence.

    In that interval, the Americas developed a secular, humanistic class of people who became the Founding Fathers. Both Jerrerson and Madison were for the strictest separation of church and state. The phrase “wall of separation” which fundamentalists decry and claim is a spurious interpretation of the First Amendment was coined by Jefferson, the selfsame author of that amendment. (Anyone who argues in one breath for a strict constructionist-originalist interpretation of the constitution iand in their second breath proclaims that the first amendment does not mandate a “wall of separation” is profoundly ignorant of the legislative history of the constitution and the intent of its authors).

    Then there is Madison, the other author of the Amendment. When the US congress decided to have chaplains in the pay of the government, take a guess what he wrote about it. It is easily enough found if you google it-I wont post the link.

    In short, the founding fathers were not the advocates of a Christian city on a hill, that these ignorant fundamentalist proclaim they were. Those advocates, the Cotton Mathers and the like had died out a century before.

    As a matter of fact, Xtains fundamentalists are abysmally ignorant of history. How often have they proclaimed that God punished the Roman Empire for the crucifixion of Jesus and of course their pagan sinfulness by allow Rome to fall.
    What they omitt is that Rome fell in 433AD and Christ was crucified on or around 33AD. Thus God was punishing a generation of Romans who were as far removed from the guilt of Christ’s crucufixion as we were removed from the Indian massacres of Cotton and Increase Mather. Moreover, Rome adopted Christainity a century earlier, under the emperor Constantine who made it the sole, official religion of the empire. Finally, the Roman empire lasted for another 1000 years in the East with Constantinople (contemporarary Instanbul) as its capital.

    It’s a pity more people don’t challenge their facts when they spew this stuff on national tv.

  6. Apprentice Frederic says:

    I checked, and you’re exactly right! The Pilgrims were an especially nasty variety of Puritan; Christmas was actually banned both in Puritan England and some parts of the Colonies for a while. I think it eventually fell out that Oliver Cromwell was so unpopular that they dug him up a century after he was executed and hung him some more. I just love them lofty religious principles…..

  7. Apprentice Frederic says:

    @Martha, all: I was wrong. He died naturally and was executed later, LOFOMAO.

  8. JC says:

    @235 Martha
    Dec 28th, 2007 at 11:29 am
    No, the Pilgrims did NOT come here for religious freedom! They came in order to practice THEIR religion, but they did not plan to offer such freedom to other religions. A common misconception.

    It is nieve to think that every pilgrim was of the same religion, or that they all had a religion.

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