reaction to coming out as an atheist

Published April 11th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

This video is kinda funny, kinda sad.  The kid videotaped his “coming out” as an atheist, and the Catholic mother does take it well, to say the least.  I bet that she would have been less upset if he had converted to Pastafarianism.


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  1. Mike says:

    Seriously, WTF?!> The mom’s reaction is completely ridiculous. Also her reasoning isn’t particularly astude: if you don’t believe in god you won’t get any christmas presents.

    I farking hate people like this woman, she needs to stfu

  2. Porcupine says:

    I actually feel sorry for poor dumb ignorant mum in this video. It is not her fault. Like any mother she fears to be excluded from the social group that her parents put her in, because she fears that to be excluded means no tasty noodles (and eventual starvation for her and her children). Being EXCLUDED is the SCARIEST thing imaginable to many woman. Naturally, she fears for her children being excluded, and she fears that if they rebel, their rebellion will cause other Moms to exclude her.

    So, she is frightened (and ignorant, and stupid, and all the other things mentioned above).

    Frightened ignorant moms need psychiatric care (religion is a contagious insanity, as we would all agree). Frightened ignorant moms need to have their license to breed more frightened ignorant kids taken away.

    Fear and Stupidity. That is how religion gets power over people. It is a nasty old power structure that some clever old men imposed on the dumb-fcuk pastoral herders to make them settle down and give 10% ~ 30% of all agricultural produce (including NOODLES) to the priests while the evil brain washing priests sat on their fat asses and chowed down. “This food is taboo” they say. (Meaning, don’t intermarry or even talk with those other people who eat that food, or you will realise we are all totally evil bastards). “This is a sin” they say. (Meaning, only we can save you from sweaty hours of sleepless guilt having put that stoopid idea in your head, now give us more free food)

    Ar! Avast! May the Noodly Appendage will sweep them all from the Earth.

  3. The Pastinator says:

    Little Alice is sitting in class in a convent school, while the teacher (a nun) asks each of the girls what they want to be when they grow up.

    “I want to be a prostitute”, announces Alice, and the nun promptly faints.

    Some time later, the nun comes to: “What did you say you wanted to be?”, asks the nun. “A prostitute”, Alice says once more.

    “Oh, thank God!” says the nun, “I thought you said a protestant.”

  4. Hannah says:

    who published this? I really want to contact that kid and see if he’s okay, his mom seemed downright violent!

  5. Consilium Sempiternum says:

    The holiday of Christmas has little to do at all with Jesus. According to all reliable scientific evidence recoverable, Jesus was born in mid-July or at least in the summer about 5 years after 0 BC, not in December or in the winter. Emperor Constantine of the Holy Roman Empire made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire and established an early version of Christmas (in the summer) as a holiday. There where no presents, Santa Claus, Christmas trees or any of the razzmatazz commonly used today. Santa Claus was modeled after the Nordic god Odin who delivered presents and useful materials to all the noble, strong, or devout warriors and Vikings while flying in his chariot (which resembled a sleigh with runners adapted to the snow). And Christmas trees also stemmed from a Nordic tradition. The Norse would take evergreen trees and decorate them with trinkets and the organs of those slain in combat to ward away malicious spirits thirsty for vengeance against their killers. Also, for political reasons around the time of Charlemagne’s death and the Division, the Church made Christmas a winter holiday because the serfs of various kingdoms became ill-tempered during the winter because the only things they had to live for where Christmas and Easter (when they got to eat semi-decent food, get drunk and not work) which were both in the spring/summer. So, to make sure there wouldn’t be class upheaval, the illustrious Church moved Christmas to All-Winters Day, a pagan festival.
    -Intelligence Eternal
    “In your mind, you are the hero of all epics, fighting and struggling against your inner demon, this is a battle you can never win, as you are as much the demon as you are the hero.”
    -The One Who Is, Yet Never Will Be

  6. Teh Pirate Fish says:

    One of my freinds is pagan, he always laughs when he sees the little crosses on the top of people’s trees and says “Stop stealing our ideas!” Because, the trees (as the above post may state) that pagans DID have msot of the December 25 stuff covered.

  7. Consilium Sempiternum says:

    Why thank you, Teh Pirate Fish. I had a friend who was a Satanist, but not a very devout one. He was a interesting character, he was also a homosexual. He was alway talking about how no kind and loving god could have been responsible for the condition Earth was in and concluded that Satan was the Creator of Earth. Haven’t heard from him in seven years. On noes, my mom is home, got to go.
    -Intelligence Eternal
    “In your mind, you are the hero of all epics, fighting and struggling against your inner demon, this is a battle you can never win, as you are as much the demon as you are the hero.”
    -The One Who Is, Yet Never Will Be

  8. DaveFishBulb says:

    Hooray for Michael.

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