oh wow, you’re cool…

Published April 12th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson
to fuckface,
10 million huh…do you think you are funny? you and your religion is the biggest load of crap i have ever heard in my fucking life. im not trying to hate your beliefs, but i think it is absolute bullshit. the only thing that i found comforting about your article is that you and faggots wont be able bullshit your way through whatever it is you believe in when you are in hell.
if you got a fucking degree in college, how the fuck can you think that a flying piece of shit is a flippin’ god? i am an outraged and pissed christian who thinks that you are wasting the life god give you. i hope people will come to their senses and denounce your shitty and unbelievable beliefs. if you really need any proof at all, consider that god and jesus christ were here way before your pasta and made your pasta or whatever it is you worship. i storngly urge you to stop being dickholes and come to your senses.
from what i read on your site, your evidence is based on recordings, which your pasta can change anytime it wants, and pirates. not very convincing now, is it? how in hell did you every come up with such a dumbass idea and get your fellow gaytards to believe in something that there is absoluetly no fucking evidence of. you are fucking believing in an invisible monster and something about global warming. i assure you, it is fucking bullspit. you are in incredibily ignorant, simple-minded mierda. i am going to take pleasure in eating spagetti, which is what you believe in right. your not going to change your beliefs and try to bullshit your way through another religion other than christianity, are you?
-some guy who thinks your a fuckin’ gay faggot

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  1. luv jain says:

    “”you and your religion is the biggest load of crap i have ever heard in my fucking life.”” ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    u hav never looked in a miror or seen ur moms face

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