Noodlefest 2007

Published April 11th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

On May 9th the Missouri State University Chapter of the Church of the FSM will be putting on a FREE outdoor concert from noon-11pm. They have 8 bands signed to play already and will be raising money for breast cancer research.

Here’s the flyer:

Noodlefest has four band slots remaining and would love some big-name talent from outside the area.  Interested bands can contact Rob at 314-378-2202 or [email protected]

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  1. Retards says:

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  2. frank says:

    I don’t think Mrs. Retards is a very civilazed lady. Maybe she had some problems during her youth.

  3. Rump Ranger says:

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  4. Retartds says:

    Rump Ranger
    I fucking hates you like I said and I would prefer not to get any std’s or hiv/aids from you so lets not.

  5. Baby Retartdo says:

    Retartds of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your ignorance! And your anger. And your identity. And your worldview. And your friends. OK….maybe you better not unite after all.

    On a lighter note:
    Be there a pirate among ye with a crashin’ spot for some ole noodley riprap from the great beyond (=Michigan)? I be lookin’ to crash, but ne’er have these meatball eyes looked upon so brigantine a burg as Springfield.

    Arrrrrr, pieces of eight.

    – peftus a.t yahoo d.o.t com

  6. Pirate of Umbar says:

    One other question; this time more of a grammer one. I noticed that everyone says “His noodly appendage” istead of “one of His noodly appendages”. Does this mean that only one of the noodles is the “noodly appendage”, and the others are less important? Does this one appendage have more power than any of the others?
    RAmen to all,
    -Pirate of Umbar
    PS- I don’t mean to sound like I’m accusing you of anything. I’m just curious.

  7. Hierophant Aristotle I says:

    When some one says “His Noodly Appendage,” he or she means the Noodly Appendage since all of His Noodly Appendages are the Noodly Appendage. It’s like saying “the hand of God”: he has more than one, but both of them or the most ultimate hand. Each one is the hand. (Of course, everyone knows God doesn’t exist.)

  8. Hierophant Aristotle I says:

    …but both of them are the most ultimate hand.

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