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Published April 11th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Hot Cup of Joe has a good article about the recent Pastafarian Suspended From School story and Pastafarianism in general.

The obvious criticism by the religious is that the FSM is concocted and not meant to be serious, but there’s absolutely no more way to demonstrate this than there is the same criticism of Yahweh, Allah, Brahma, Elohim, Jesus, etc.

The North Buncombe school that suspended Killian maintains that it was his pirate outfit which was the reason for the suspension, since it was disruptive. The very outfit that Killian stated was important for his religion and in appropriately representing his religion. I wonder if the school would be willing to extend its disruption policy to yarmulkes and kippas?

Read it all here.

22 Responses to “Hot Cup of Joe article”

  1. Retards says:

    Suspended WTF I would have expelled that fat fuck.

  2. MsKitty(RAmen) says:

    Probably would. I know a girl that was expelled for wearing a Sari. I plan to return to school wearing FULL pirate regalia, even if I am expelled for expressing his noodly goodness. (Once I am over my current suspension that is)

  3. MsKitty(RAmen) says:

    And you know, I wonder if an epidemic will occur. If Im suspended too, that will raise the bar to two (2?) NC students. Yay, lawsuit against NC state government!

  4. Storm Petrel says:

    What’s your current suspension for? Welcome to the Church btw, haven’t seen you here before

  5. Alchemist says:

    Ya – welcome MsKitty.
    Got to apply the rules fairly. The Goddess of Justice is pictured with scales and sword but wearing a blindfold.
    If Pirate gear is out then so are crosses, burqa’s etc. The French have got that right (you wont here me say that too often :))) )
    I’m surprised about a sari though – I don’t think they’re too bad (probably testosterone talking there).
    This is a very clean thread isn’t it – only 21 posts!

  6. hot says:


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