FSM vs IPU update

Published April 11th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

No winner has yet been declared in the FSM vs IPU youtube video contest, but this one gets my vote:


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  1. mike says:

    Thanks for the kind words…I put up an MP3 and Chords at this address:



  2. Paul says:

    The picture of the IPU on the “She rides, oh she rides” lyric is the greatest picture ever, the music is awesome too. Overall a brilliant song/animation. This only proves to me more how intelligent and creative atheists really are. Great job man. 10/10.

  3. Captain Noodulous Silicate TBHNA says:


    I agree. Being a Pastafarian I should of course be deeply and violently offended by graven images of images of the IPU, but find myself strangely mystified by her enchanting image.
    It should definitely go on the album cover.
    There is going to be an album isn’t there?
    What should the album be called?
    How about “Music to enjoy noodles to”?
    Marketing will love it. That has a potential audience of about 2 billion people and around 90% of the worlds wealth…

  4. Malebranche says:

    I’m in tears! This beautiful hymn has reignited my utterly blind faith in the pasta-ery one (who of course settled out of court with his uni-horned partner). Spread this, nothing can move the word of the noodle like bee-yutiful music.

  5. Mike Meier says:

    Amazing. Yet more proof that the Internet is much better than TV, and FSM is better than IPU.
    Semi-required that it be played in every FSM home on every Friday.
    It much have been fun making it.

  6. Mike Meier says:

    @Mike – Did you win the can of Spaghetti-O’s?

  7. mike says:

    the winner has yet to be named…but i must say i can almost taste the scalding hot tomato-ish sauce and noodle type product already….mmmmmmm

  8. Captain Noodulous Silicate TBHNA says:

    I’m sure some of the more wealthy pastafarians could stump up extra cans of spaghetti if more than one entry was considered worthy.

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