fsm spotted in video

Published April 12th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

FSM sighting in this very creepy Japanese video:

japfsm2.jpg japfsm1.jpg


Credit goes to Ashleigh L for finding it.

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  1. Rowdy Wench says:

    @ Physics Wench – Hiya! Glad to see you again! Hope things are well in your end of the world! Are you about done with the semester? Do you get a break or do you have to go all summer too?

  2. DutchPastaGuy says:

    “Go be CATHOLIC, a real religion!”
    Oh boy, how stupid can they get?! Someone priding themselves on Catholicism, the stupidest, most non-thinking flavour of Christianity. And given the competiton in Christianity, that is no small feat. Tell me FSM ISNT REAL, don’t you want to do a bit of your own thinking sometimes, instead of towing the Vatican party line? I mean, how can anyone with the slightest hint of self-respect be a Catholic? I grew up in a Catholic family, and looking at my pea-brained father I can truly say that the idea of ‘Don’t question, no critical thinking’ really has the most intellectually demotivating effect possible. It leads to the most unconstructive mindset imaginable.

  3. Chickie says:

    I’m scared. Of both the video and the comments. Good to see the FSM branching out, though.

  4. The Prophetic Enigma says:

    This is not to debate whether FSM is actually real or not, this is meant to open the eyes of those around so they can see how ignorant the world of religion (not belief or faith), but organized religion like Christianity (those that force their beliefs upon others and try to say they are all holier than thou when in truth they are just as “holy” as the dump I flushed down the toilet about 20 mins ago). People are so ignorant they don’t even see the meaning behind things. Sure, they are like “FSM Rocks!”, but do they actually get what the message is trying to convey? I wonder.. If you don’t then you are just as ignorant as the rest of the world.

  5. Gaara the Pirate says:

    I hear you man. i mean we must get about a hundred whining christians/atheiests who complaiun about our religion when thier own religion is worse than ours. pastafarianism has yet to have killed anyone to join us. christianity has been bathed in blood from the-so-called-jeasus’s murder to the crusades.


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