A pastafarian’s conversion

Published April 11th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Dear Mr. Henderson,

Thank you so much for your intelligent and witty challenge to intelligent design. Not only has this new church given me and my daughter (also an atheist) an enormous amount of entertainment, it also allowed me to play what will probably be the best prank I have ever played on my family and friends:

Dear Friends and Family;

I know that all of you have been concerned about my emotional and spiritual welfare, especially since the stroke. I know I have lacked direction, conviction, and integrity. I am writing to tell you that I have admitted to the error of my ways and have reached a turning point in my life.

Many of you feel that my lack of faith is the root of my problems and you were right. But I have been saved and want to spread the word; I hope that you can share in the blissful savior I have found. I love all of you so much, I want you to benefit from my new faith.

So, please take a moment to share in my redemption and go to the website below and rejoice in the truth.


Peace and noodles,

Being, and rearing, an atheist in North Dakota is not the easiest thing in the world. Remember, we are not much farther north of Kansas. I firmly believe that you are walking in the footsteps of the great social commentators of our world – Mr. Swift being the most obvious. So, once again, thanks and here’s to more conversions!

Peace and noodles,

23 Responses to “A pastafarian’s conversion”

  1. Wench Beth says:

    To Laurie… that was brilliant. RAmen to you! I wish that Pastafarianism had been around when I was a teenager because I sure would have borrowed your idea and used it on my family! Oh, that would have been priceless!

  2. dantes_torment says:

    Well done; and it is really nice to look at mail and not see “UR GONG 2 HEL B/C U DON BLEEVE N JESUS!!!11!!”. Great to get such inspirational content. RAmen.

  3. Blake The Noodly One's Disciple says:

    Am i the ONLY true believer that finds this offensive? I have faith in the flying spaghetti monster and she claims atheism and uses him as a tool. This is a horrific abuse of our religion and supporting her hinders our cause. Look, we’re not atheists Laurie, i don’t know WHERE you got that from. I believe in FSM because he is the most accepting, forgiving, and loving God(incidentally the only real one too.) At any rate, i support you spreading his word however you stating your an atheist while spreading his word makes our religion look even more uncreditable. Our God is a FSM so, we already have tons of doubters all we need is our supporters claiming atheism you’re hurting us laurie so convert, or leave us.

    I appreciate your attempt at helping us, but let him show you his noodly ways before you try again,
    Blake Henderson

  4. Captain me says:

    RAmen to that Blake The Noodly One’s Disciple.

  5. Captain Noodulous Silicate TBHNA says:

    Too right Captain Me,
    You can’t go round picking a choosing what you believe. Either the world was created by a flying spaghetti monster in around two seconds (possibly while drunk or at least heavily hung over) or it wasn’t.
    You can’t be a pastafarian and an atheist.
    You can’t pick and choose.
    That is what we call the non-overlapping cafeteria.
    I think.

  6. Devotee of reason and seals says:

    But can you?

    One of the central tenets of FSMism is piracy, right?

    Pirates are opportunists, right?

    Waffling between religions is opportunism, right?

    I see no problem.

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