you want proof

Published March 13th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I’ve read some of the posts that you pea brained losers have come up with as to available scientific data and you are just full of shit. You obviously haven’t read anything by William Dembski and fail to consider the abundance of evidence as to ID being as valid a scientific theory as evolution.

According to your own press you believe that the universe was created by spagetti which is a theory of ID anyway. ID makes no claim as to what intelligence created humanity and the world although most sensible people know this to be God. Moreover, Atheists fail to consider such abundance of evidence such as stigmata, appearance of the virgin at Fattima and other occurances reported by relyable witnesses. Since when is it that only a scientist is able to make and record an observation? Scientists are more biased then anyone closing off their minds to any possibility of divinity.

You should all just get fucked!


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  1. Buzz says:

    The FSM theory of creation is equally valid to your version, which is the point.

    Eyewitnesses are not reliable. They might be “relyable”, whatever that is…

    And why do Christians always command us to “get fucked”? I thought you were against premarital sex. I like fucking. What’s wrong with fucking? In fact, I’m going to go do some of it right now!


  2. Mariner says:

    I was reeeaaally hoping you’d tell us to go to Hell like every other fundie around here, I hear the weather is quite nice this time of year. Why is it that you people feel the need to come onto our website and harass us? Do we come to your false religion websites and call you “full of shit” or “pea brained losers” and tell us “You should all just get fucked!”? We believe in something different than you, much like every other religion that has and will exist? Please provide us with incontrovertible evidence to prove us wrong. Have you ever had stigmata? Seen the virgin with your own eyes? Have picture? Science backs up its claims with evidence and guess what, we have some evidence ourselves as proof of His Noodlyness. In fact, we have a whole section devoted to it under the title “Evidence”. Your view of untelligent design is that of your christian god, it’s just a bottled up and condensed version of creationism. The problem is teaching religion as science, just without the facts and all that stuff that makes it, you know, science. And as for Wolf, You should just get fucked!

  3. Wench Nikkiee says:

    “You obviously haven’t read anything by William Dembski”
    Are you serious Wolf? Hahahahahahahaha
    You mean the Discovery clown…Dembksi? This Dembski from the Dover trial?
    A few comments from the Dover trial descision reguarding Mr.William Dumbski and Discovery’s Intelligent Design ideas:
    “A significant aspect of the IDM [intelligent design movement] is that despite Defendants’ protestations to the contrary, it describes ID as a religious argument. In that vein, the writings of leading ID proponents reveal that the designer postulated by their argument is the God of Christianity.” (page 26)
    “The evidence at trial demonstrates that ID is nothing less than the progeny of creationism” (page 31)
    “The overwhelming evidence at trial established that ID is a religious view, a mere re-labeling of creationism, and not a scientific theory.” (page 43)
    “We find that ID fails on three different levels, any one of which is sufficient to preclude a determination that ID is science. They are: (1) ID violates the centuries-old ground rules of science by invoking and permitting supernatural causation; (2) the argument of irreducible complexity, central to ID, employs the same flawed and illogical contrived dualism that doomed creation science in the 1980’s; and (3) ID’s negative attacks on evolution have been refuted by the scientific community.” (page 64)”
    “[T]he one textbook [Pandas] to which the Dover ID Policy directs students contains outdated concepts and flawed science, as recognized by even the defense experts in this case.”
    And there’s plenty more where that came from Mr Wolf :) which can be found at:
    “You obviously haven’t read anything by William Dembski”
    Oh yes Mr Wolf, I’ve read nearly all of Dembski and Behe’s musings reguarding an Intelligent Design.
    Have you ever read any biology Wolf? Looked at the mountain of evidence for it collected over the past 165yrs per chance? Read any of the latest molecular research findings?
    “and fail to consider the abundance of evidence as to ID being as valid a scientific theory as evolution.”
    Care to produce some of this abundance of evidence? Have you got any that hasn’t already been completely discredited and embarrassingly (for ID) laughed out of existence by reputable science? Why haven’t the ID assertions been published in any reputable science journals Wolf?
    Yours in sympathy

  4. Wench Nikkiee says:

    Oops…sorry folks..didn’t realise how long that post was. Please pretend there was a length warning at the top of it. :)

  5. Wench Nikkiee says:

    @Mr. Wolf
    “According to your own press you believe that the universe was created by spagetti which is a theory of ID anyway.”
    Please do some homework first Mr. Wolf!
    Firstly He’s a Flying Spaghetti Monster, not “spaghetti”
    Secondly his Noodlyness created the universe via an unintelligent design while still from an intended design plan….. His Noodlyness’s creativity was quite the opposite of ID!
    Again Ramen

  6. Capn'EmilyRose'Skittle says:

    @Wench Nikkiee.
    ahahahaha!! God, Wolf, that’s taking fundie stupidity to a new low.

  7. Avatar of Reason says:

    I read the article you linked to, despite not wanting to finish it after a few paragraphs. I will respond to it bit by bit:
    1.) Evolution does not contradict itself. The authors of the article claimed that evolution and the origin of life theories contradict themselves. The origin of life theories may be different, and thus may contradict each other, but none of them contradict evolution. In fact, the opposite is true; they all accept evolution as being very likely correct. Eventually one of the origin of life theories will be accepted, and the others rejected because of new evidence. Like in evolution, only the best theory will survive to be taught.
    2.) “Message Theory” is not a testable claim for ID. The authors state that the fact that elephants and yeast contain similar genetic code is proof of the same designer. The problem is that such a study was reasoning after the fact. They formulated the hypothesis, namely message theory, after they already knew that the DNA was similar.
    Furthermore, it still would not constitute proof even if he did the study properly. The conclusion that only one intelligent designer was involved only makes sense if life was designed in the first place. If life was not designed, then the similarity in DNA would mean nothing but that a common ancestor species of all terrestrial life is probable.
    Furthermore, they authors wouldn’t even be able to disprove polytheist creation stories with that reasoning because the gods could have worked together to design life as a group. In short, the authors didn’t actually say anything substantial in this segment.
    3.) The theories about multiple universes have no relation to the origin of life discussions. They are completely separate. The authors of the article are trying to equate the theory of evolution with all of science for the sole reason of saying that controversy in one segment of science disproves the established theories in the other. They could just as easily state that because people disagree about the origins of life, gravitation and “round earth theory” are still under dispute. To use a metaphor from outside the sciences (because science does not appear to be your forte), they could state that just because Americans (scientists) disagree about gun control and the Second Amendment to the Constitution (multiple universes), Americans must also have disputes about the Third Amendment and whether or not citizens should have soldiers forcibly quartered in their homes during peacetime (evolution).
    The article, as you should be able to see, was written by people who don’t know science and mock it anyway in the hope that you would believe their un-provable flawed assertions.
    -Avatar of Reason

  8. DutchPastaGuy says:

    @Wench Nikkiee
    “And there’s plenty more where that came from Mr Wolf :) which can be found at:”
    Yep. One of my personal favourites is how Behe was forced to admit that if you admitted ID you’d have to admit astrology as well to be consistent. Grand science indeed.

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