you want proof

Published March 13th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I’ve read some of the posts that you pea brained losers have come up with as to available scientific data and you are just full of shit. You obviously haven’t read anything by William Dembski and fail to consider the abundance of evidence as to ID being as valid a scientific theory as evolution.

According to your own press you believe that the universe was created by spagetti which is a theory of ID anyway. ID makes no claim as to what intelligence created humanity and the world although most sensible people know this to be God. Moreover, Atheists fail to consider such abundance of evidence such as stigmata, appearance of the virgin at Fattima and other occurances reported by relyable witnesses. Since when is it that only a scientist is able to make and record an observation? Scientists are more biased then anyone closing off their minds to any possibility of divinity.

You should all just get fucked!


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  1. Shaun says:

    I wanted to comment on this comment by Long John Silva….

    “I am inclined to think the same of many of the ostensibly religious posts here. These posts are so typical of the fundies’ image, with all the bigotry, intolerance, selfrighteousness and, well, American Talibanism, that they start to smell like fakes: if I read a post full of ‘by Jove’, ‘blimey’, ‘cup o’ tea’ and ‘guv’nor’ I’d soon start thinking I was dealing with someone who is not English but wants to give the impression he is.”

    But the reason the hate mail comes across this way is because the religious are generally like this. The hate mail also has very poor science knowledge, many of them completely misunderstanding the humor of the site. So the idea that the posts must be fake because they seem too authentic seems like a strange criticism.

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