Mock all you want

Published March 3rd, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Mock all you want, you will come to regret it before moments of your death.


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  1. ~Noodle~ says:

    I’m sorry, where are my manners? RAAAAAAAAAmen.

  2. ~Noodle~ says:

    Okay so I’m on an existential rant right now. Forgive me. I’m not implying that all Christians are Fundamentalists. However, There is an equally unfair view of said parties regarding people of scientific disposition. To believe in science over religion is not to say that there is no extra-worldy existence or that one is athiest, existentialist or materialist. It’s merely to say that what religion calls God can be explained as a formula which, if ever achieved, will explain all creation, destruction, and subsequent interactions of matter, energy, etc ad nauseum, present in the universe. My particular viewpoint is that religion is a precursor for science and is a way of explaining the unexplained. However with the advent of the scientific method and an increased technological capacity for conducting and understanding scientific experiments, religion has become archaic as a means of explaining the universe. To say that science is evil is much akin to saying that technological advancement is evil and would be like saying that we have a moral duty to use horse drawn carriages because say, driving a car, is a an immoral act which contradicts the values of historical humanity. To figures in antiquity, im sure that 10,000 years seemed like a long fucking time for the world to be around and more than enough time for all of this to happen, but to say that scientists are wrong about carbon dating because God wills the numbers to lie to protect his Word is just simply idiotic. When the Greeks said that the Sun was pulled across the sky by a god in a flaming chariot it made sense. Now we laugh at them and say, ‘Oh, those silly heathens, to ever have believed such lunacy’ yet we cling ferociously to stories that say that a single Jew was spared a world-wide flood (designed by our benevolent Maker to kill the unruly Jews) and was commanded by an invisible being to create an Ark (by himself no less) in which he fit a pair of every species on earth to wait out a flood that lasted for over a month and was able to keep the carnivores from eating the herbivores, prevent disease, and float an impossibly huge vessel that one man couldn’t build should he have 10 lifetimes to do it in rather than a few years (these being only a few of the more prominent problems with such a fantastic story)? I mean for GOD’S sake listen to what you’re not only asking, but DEMANDING that people accept as fact less they burn in an extra-dimensional time-out room for all eternity. I’ve met toddlers with a firmer grip on reality than that. Sheesh.

  3. ~Noodle~ says:

    PS has anyone else noticed that there seems to be a trend (very similar to the inverse relationship between pirate population and global temperature) of scientific knowledge and communion with God/miracles/stigmata/possession/magic/everythingelsethatreligionisbasedon?

  4. Rowdy Wench says:

    @ Noodle – RAmen and welcome to the site! What a fabulous rant!! Please come back more often and join in the festivities. I’d say more but I’m tired and have been knocking back a few, so not much higher brain function just at the moment! :)

  5. Booty says:

    Yes, well said Noodle!
    Bit more about how unintelligent design (AKA FSM) can explain the whole thing though, next time ;)
    Pull up a barrel!

  6. DutchPastaGuy says:

    Welcome! Yes, scientific knowledge (or intelligent, critical thinking in general) and religion don’t mix. But the believers will go to any length to cling to their story, including trying to rubbish science. You’re in very good company here on this site. Wench Nikkiee covers the biological angle against the fundies, Naviagor Spider and I are into the physics side (with a special interest in the second law of thermodynamics, that fundies like to claim disproves evolution, duh), and there’s more sciency types around.
    If you want to see how far the fundies will go, visit
    I’ve been debating some nitwits there as ‘friendly hardline atheist’. Ok, I didn’t live up to the ‘friendly’ bit for too long. Yes, claims of 6000 year old earth, carbon dating, as well as any other isotope measurements are all rubbish, so are ice core measurements, and peer reviewed literature is a Great Conspiracy by atheists to block out The Truth. Sigh…..

  7. Spaghetti Killer says:


  8. DutchPastaGuy says:

    @Spaghetti Killer
    If that is supposed to make us feel happy to have you on our side then you are mistaken.

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