Mock all you want

Published March 3rd, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Mock all you want, you will come to regret it before moments of your death.


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  1. Alchemist says:

    Sorry Booty – Principia Discordia – god is a crazy woman!

  2. Dread Wench L'TUAE says:

    @Dread Amish Pirate- Haha! Although I always thought he threw the unicorns off cause they snored. ^_^

  3. Dread Wench L'TUAE says:

    hey guys- the posting thing isn’t showing up on my computer for the you want proof? page. WTF? niether are the sidebars.:(

  4. Alchemist says:

    Dont worry LTUAE – I had three attempts to post earlier today – none worked! I think the FSM is a bit pissed tonight!

  5. NOT Pixel Pop says:

    It works for me, I’m guessing you’ve done something blasphemous.
    Eat some Ramen!

  6. Storm Petrel says:

    @ Booty
    Eris goddess of chaos

  7. Red DutchPasta Kidd says:

    Dread Wench L’TUAE
    Mar 14th, 2007 at 6:26 pm
    @Dread Amish Pirate- Haha! Although I always thought he threw the unicorns off cause they snored. ^_^
    Nah, it was after having had a bit of an argument with the IPU.

  8. ~Noodle~ says:

    I was raised Catholic. My entire family is Catholic. I know my 14 stations. I know my Bible stories. But being of sound mind, I choose to reject it as fact as I think any logical person would do. There’s a reason why in Middle Age Europe traveling companies of actors did what were called “Mystery Cycles” based on the “Mysteries” of the Christian religion….i.e. the Ark, the parting of the Red Sea, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Resurrection, etc…they are called mysteries because there’s no way that you can believe these things happened without a huge leap of faith because there’s no way they COULD happen without direct interference of an omnipotent being. They just aren’t physically possible. So the basic fact is that the “fundies” are insisting that we teach unsubstantiated claims of supernatural or superphysical events to our children because evolution, based completely on scientific observation conducted by a CHRISTIAN is only a theory. Well. I happened to be present for a elementary school assembly in which some random blowhard managed to convince several thousand children that the flintstones is a History Channel documentary and that dinosaurs and men walked the earth at the same time and that man made dinosaurs into beasts of burden and that evolution is a lie because if we had descended from apes then our grandfathers would look like a cross between; well, they would look like George W. Bush. So believe what you want to believe, but more than my opinion that you have to be a complete fool to believe that the Bible holds any kind of historical accuracy whatsoever, especially considering that the Gospels were written, I don’t know, 300 years after Jesus DIED, there happens to be a (supposed) seperation of Church and State in my country, and the last time I checked, education fell under the domain of State. So if you want your children to believe in an omnipotent, omnicient, and omnibenevolent being who for whatever reason decides to give Man no proof of existence nor justify the suffering of every living creature in his Earthly Kingdom, so be it. But don’t bring your speculation into my public education system. Send your brainwashed infantile Crusaders to private school and shut the hell up.

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