FSM vs IPU youtube contest update

Published March 27th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Here are the current entries in the FSM vs IPU youtube contest:

e.jpg Poem: FSM vs. Ipu
d.jpg IPU-FSM War
c.jpg Who will win?
b.jpg When made up Gods collide
a.jpg The holy war
h.jpg Which is greatest, FSM or IPU?
g.jpg Invisible Pink Unicorn and the Flying Spaghetti Monster
f.jpg Made while delirious with the flu

Contest ends April 1st, there’s still a few days to enter.

38 Responses to “FSM vs IPU youtube contest update”

  1. ihatemyspace says:

    RAmen! I approve. Not that you need my approval, or anything. I’ll stop now.

  2. MrJonno says:

    Can’t believe the publicity the pirate getting kicked out of school is making the world. Really make a point so strongly


  3. Wench Beth says:

    As I said on another thread, RAmen to Bryan Killian (the pirate who got suspended from school) for standing up for his religious beliefs. They are no different from the Christians, the Jews, whoever. I’m glad the world is seeing this! (Good publicity for us, too ;)

  4. Foilwoman says:

    Does anyone know the ACLU people in East Bu — oops, North Buncombe? Are they taking on Bryan’s case? If not, maybe some of the pirate missionary ship money could help Bryan get a good lawyer? I’m a broke (beyond broke, but hey, we eat) single mom, so I could chip in maybe $1.03, but really, to protect the faithful and help spread the word of Her Tastiness, especially with a four or five cheese sauce (particularly good: fresh parmesan, romano, asiago, plus a bit of manchego and just a smidge of gruyere — really brings out the divinity of the one we worship) we need to help this young man (Bryan Killian that is: see post above).


  5. Bosun (Boatswain) BuRn says:


  6. DutchPastaGuy says:

    Hi Bosun,
    We were updating the list of countries where people have been touched by His noodly appendages. Boatswain is the country that in some languages is called Botswana correct?

  7. Bosun (Boatswain) BuRn says:

    it may be, but boatswain to me is simply another way to spell bosun, who, on a ship is the one who calls the crew to attention with his whistle.

  8. DutchPastaGuy says:

    Ah, silly me. Ok, Botswana has not felt the warm embrace of His noodly appendages yet. No wonder that place is so hot.
    ps people on Ken Miller thread: later, much later.

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