FSM vs IPU youtube contest update

Published March 27th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Here are the current entries in the FSM vs IPU youtube contest:

e.jpg Poem: FSM vs. Ipu
d.jpg IPU-FSM War
c.jpg Who will win?
b.jpg When made up Gods collide
a.jpg The holy war
h.jpg Which is greatest, FSM or IPU?
g.jpg Invisible Pink Unicorn and the Flying Spaghetti Monster
f.jpg Made while delirious with the flu

Contest ends April 1st, there’s still a few days to enter.

38 Responses to “FSM vs IPU youtube contest update”

  1. Ta-Tech (A Vulcan who believes!) says:

    That poem rocks out! The logic involved makes sense out of this crazy ride we call life; I think this is probably how believers of those other more mainstream “religions” must feel after their weekly prayer meetings where some authority figure babbles at them for an hour and some how the senseless then makes sense for them. And I love how the brilliance comes from some random guy in a t-shirt who is in desperate need of a good shave! AWESOME job random Pastafarian! I hope you win, RAmen!

  2. Enya says:

    It is getting a little crowded up there with all those gods… I’m confused.

  3. MrJonno says:

    I do not feel comfortable comparing mock gods like the so called Invisible Pink Unicorn with serious religions like the Flying Spaghetti Monster and we should not encourage such discourse unless large amounts of grog, pasta and ladies wearing think frilly unicorn clothing are present

  4. Enya says:

    …and some nice, half naked men wearing spaghetti…

  5. Foilwoman says:

    Of course, I vote for Her Noodley Tastiness and Divinity, especially with a puttanesca sauce. Please note, how ever, the growing schism. We forgive Her Not-Quite-So-Noodley-But-Probably-Divine-Emissary, Mr. Henderson, because he’s a physics dude, and isn’t big on the linguistics (although I assume he is big on the linguini), but pasta is, of course, female in Italian. I’m also sure there are many Italian pirates who looked really hot in their corsair outfits (The loose shirts! The head scarf! With Johnny Depp-like darkness, but not the fey-ness that’s mildly asexual! Good thing I’m sitting down.). Not that that has anything to do with anything. But the Flying Spaghetti Monster is made of pasta, and is therefore female. Just saying.

  6. Enya says:

    good speech, Foilwoman, Her Noodliness will approve.

  7. Enya says:

    and, C’mon guys, look at THOSE meatballs!!

  8. Foilwoman says:

    Enya: Call ’em melons and my point is made.

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