FSM vs IPU youtube contest update

Published March 27th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Here are the current entries in the FSM vs IPU youtube contest:

e.jpg Poem: FSM vs. Ipu
d.jpg IPU-FSM War
c.jpg Who will win?
b.jpg When made up Gods collide
a.jpg The holy war
h.jpg Which is greatest, FSM or IPU?
g.jpg Invisible Pink Unicorn and the Flying Spaghetti Monster
f.jpg Made while delirious with the flu

Contest ends April 1st, there’s still a few days to enter.

38 Responses to “FSM vs IPU youtube contest update”

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  1. derek says:

    i have a piece of burnt toast that looks like a noodle what do i do i have seen a sign. ramen………

  2. School Loan Consolidation » FSM vs IPU youtube contest update says:

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  3. Mike Meier says:

    Where’s Mike’s video?

  4. Navigator Spider says:

    Bosun is also extended to to chief bosuns mate, or also known as the Buffer. Responsible for seamanship and the exterior of a vessel…

  5. 8drunkengods says:

    It’s sooooo obvious guys, FSM is a hermaphrodite! The noodles represent male genitalia, yet the meatballs represent funbags!

    No schism is neccissary, nor will one ever be! The church does not descriminate.

  6. DeanBalloonatic says:

    I’m way too late for the Spaghetti O’s, but I’m still trying to complete my entry.
    I do have a preview posted:


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