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Published March 19th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Hey, I just installed a chat application. It’s still in experimental stage, but here it is:


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  1. rexxxlo says:

    oh this is great now i can talk to the fsm like the Christians talk to jebus

  2. Alchemist says:

    Yeah! Damned fine work Bobby!

  3. Thumper â„¢ says:

    I’ll never have to leave the warren again…thank you Mr Henderson…

  4. Jon says:

    Why not use IRC? There are several java based clients, and of course it leaves the option for users to use any other IRC client they desire.

    Just a thought.

  5. Jean bart says:

    Just tried it, mmm. Not bad, but… I’ll see.

  6. Booty says:

    Well, I like it – but I am easily pleased, especially if it avoids doing any actual housework or similar!

  7. Iron Mike says:

    Good idea. This way the chatty ones can type away, and “hate mail” can be dealt with seperately.

    Praise the FSM.

  8. Cap'nUberbob says:

    Arrrr! A glorious day has arrived!

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