Controversial Origins

Published March 1st, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


The UC San Diego’s The Guardian has a good article on the Intelligent Design movement / controversy.

Intelligent design assumes that the world is so complex, that it is so statistically unlikely for humans to have formed, that God or some other higher power must have designed it. Even assuming that the two ideas are equally valid explanations of the world, evolution does not require the additional belief, a massive leap of faith, in a mystical higher power in its explanation. However, intelligent design suffers from an utter lack of positive evidence in its favor and thus is as valid of a scientific theory as the notion that a Flying Spaghetti Monster, the subject of a well-known satire of intelligent design, created the world.

Link to the article.

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  3. Tagliatellius says:

    I’m a black belt in origami.

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    Very impressive, Rowdy Wench! I bow down to you :) I need a bodyguard now that my best pal’s in a cast for six weeks — want the job? (ha ha)
    I’m a professional musician who is doing something completely different at the moment — working as a full time kitty nurse! (I guess I can sing and play to the cats and combine both skills ;)

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