Controversial Origins

Published March 1st, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


The UC San Diego’s The Guardian has a good article on the Intelligent Design movement / controversy.

Intelligent design assumes that the world is so complex, that it is so statistically unlikely for humans to have formed, that God or some other higher power must have designed it. Even assuming that the two ideas are equally valid explanations of the world, evolution does not require the additional belief, a massive leap of faith, in a mystical higher power in its explanation. However, intelligent design suffers from an utter lack of positive evidence in its favor and thus is as valid of a scientific theory as the notion that a Flying Spaghetti Monster, the subject of a well-known satire of intelligent design, created the world.

Link to the article.

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  1. nowis says:

    @ Arthur
    Yeah, I don’t think it’s a new theory – it’s just some newer research. But I haven’t read much about morals or memes in regards to natural selection here on venganza earlier – I thought that it would have been a valid answer to those fundies who claim only god dishes out moral. That and then the classic map showing how more crime is commited in countries with religious leadership.

  2. Navigator Spider says:

    we’ve been round this argument before. i still fail to see how a believer who has their moral code imposed on them under threat of dire consequences can possibly cliam to have better morals than a pastafarian who follows a moral code because they’ve thought about it and decided it’s better to be that way…

  3. MrJonno says:

    Few things.

    The FSM is not a version of intelligent design, its ‘unintelligent’ or ‘very drunk’ design. As the FSM while all knowing and all powerful is rarely sober, and yes the FSM can drink enough that someone all powerful can get drunk

    On Evolution

    1) Beginning of life, this is not actually covered by evolution which has a starting point of basic life. There are theories on how life begins but they are not related to evolution as such. There is overwhelming evidence of evolution /noodle interaction life itself is still up for discussion

    2) Pretty similar with the origins of the universe. Most versions of the big bang fail to be able to discuss the early nano-seconds of the universe. You can call it ‘god’, I prefer more work on quantum theory and relativity

    Writing from Paris, missing London

  4. Storm Petrel says:

    @ Arthur,
    Instead of becoming a biology professer, did you ever consider becoming a teacher? A good teacher, who makes the subject easy to understand can make all the difference to young minds which could otherwise be drawn to the ID hypothesis by the comforting security blanket of religion.

  5. Wench Beth says:

    Teachers are one of the most valuable resources on the planet. They change lives, literally. They should all be given raises… as long as they agree to include the teachings of the FSM in their religion classes and add His Noodly Name to the Pledge of Allegiance.

  6. Storm Petrel says:

    Good teachers are a valuable resourse, bad and condesending ones can make you hate the subject, I had a brilliant biology teacher and always paid her attention, but even though I was good at english, that teacher was such a condesending bitch it was the only class I ever skipped (it was impossible to leave my school during the day without walking by the principles window so we had to just go hide),
    in the leaving cert. my best subject was biology and worst was english, surrise surprise

  7. Offended_Much says:

    I’ve never been so offended in my life. How dare they say that the FSM is merely a satirical response to intelligent design.


  8. Storm Petrel says:

    They’re christians and don’t know any better, they’ve been lied to their whole lives, poor things

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