Blackbeard’s ship to be excavated

Published March 3rd, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


A shipwreck off the North Carolina coast believed to be that of notorious pirate Blackbeard could be fully excavated in three years.

Read about it here.

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  1. Rowdy Wench says:

    @ AW – Will read your earlier posts at first possible opportunity. It’s almost 1am here in central USA and enough whiskey to be ready to be asleep! :) The time zones still mess with me! Good luck with the essay.

    @ Wench Nikkiee – sorry to tease! :) Not deliberate, I promise!

  2. Pansy says:

    *sniff….sniff sniff* Woof…woof woof

  3. The Antipodean Wench says:

    Russia does seem to be the popular exporter of brides these days, Nikkiee. I think there were a few Thai poisonings (i.e. ‘Roundup in the noodles) that finally swung the pendulum. With what said Rusians are blithely offering, what hope for a displaced Irish Antipodean….? Oh well, back to the thrill of international law…..
    TAW :)

  4. The Antipodean Wench says:

    @ Rowdy….Sleep well, though in my experience, a skinful of whiskey can only be of help!

  5. Rowdy Wench says:

    @ Pansy – Hi sweetie! Can’t stay to chat I’m afraid – it’s time for this wench to pass out!

  6. Wench Nikkiee says:

    “what hope for a displaced Irish Antipodean”
    Perhaps we could start importing some foreign husbands. Some of them may be willing to pay well for an Australian patriotic priviledge ;)
    I must be back to work now myself. Bottoms up TAW :)
    *looks forlornly at glass of water sitting next to PC.. * :(

  7. The Antipodean Wench says:

    [email protected]
    now there’s a thought for some consideration but I can’t say I’m too keen on exploring the Russian adventure. All that Cossack dancing after liberal consumption of 80% proof vodka…. well, they just might forget themselves ‘in the nest,’ so to speak? Perhaps a mild mannered…. hmmmm, this is going to require substantially more consideration than first acknowledged.
    Ok, freshly showered, doffing my ‘international law’ hat for today, who needs it much as less takes any notice of my pearls of wisdom? Cracking open the first wee bottle….ahhh. Enjoy your water, Nikkiee ;) I will ponder the husband importation alone until such a time as you are ‘suitably hydrated,’ and can join me in this quest. I bet we could find the odd willing and able toy boy….
    Slurp, slurp….ahhhh…..tis good, no? :))

  8. The Paladin says:

    Hi again everyone!!

    I’ll add my country to the list TAW!

    *throws a jellyfish at Alchemist* >=)

    The Paladin,

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