@$#% you!!!!!!

Published February 13th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Seriously think about this logically. How can a flying spaghetti “whatever” live or make something? If we are made in Gods image, I’m not spaghetti am I? you have probably ruined millions of people’s lives. Y is there pirates in ur religion? I am trying 2 act like u don’t have mental disabilities, but it’s very hard. This is blasphemy and u will probably burn in hell for the next eternity for ruining the lives of millions of people. I don’t know ne1 who “believes” in ur load of #$^@!like the words of others GET SOME HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. noodleguy says:

    My favorite part is the “burning in the next eternity” part. The…next…eternity…riiiight…because an eternity lasts forever there can TOTALLY be a second eternity.

    You can basically sum his argument up with
    “You’re wrong!”
    “No, you’re wrong!”
    “You’re double wrong!”
    “Well, you’re wrong times infinity!”
    “You’re wrong times DOUBLE infinity!”
    “You’re wrong INFINITY times infinity! Ha! I win!!”

  2. billy wright the "crazy artist" says:

    “u will probably burn in hell for the next eternity”.
    The next eternity?
    So… that’s when this eternity has finished.
    I’m going to burn in hell for the next eternity… Oh well, that’s an eternity away, so I’m fine with that!

  3. EmmittBrownBttf1 says:

    Dear Greg, there is nothing worse than an eternity with stale beer, while all the stripper have STDs and there are penguins everywhere. Longing around a lake of fire is like a vacation in the Bahamas. RAMEN!

    • Rasputin says:

      Wow, there are SO MANY sections of this site where I’ve never been!

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