Yeah, I know it’s satire

Published February 21st, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Yeah, I know it’s satire.  I’m an atheist, and I hate stupid, narrow-minded fundies as much as anyone.  But honestly, this joke has run its course.  People’s lives can actually get ripped apart by Pastafarianism, though I know you don’t really believe it.  Not as many as by organized religion, but organized religion can’t really be stopped except by massive revolution, whereas Pastafarianism can be.  It was funny for a while, but you don’t seem to realize (actually, some of you probably do) that no one cares anymore, that all the hate mail is faked.  Stop laughing at the rest of the world, and realize that you’re not better than the people who post your hatemail; it’s a /joke/.  And your religion has lost its humor.  So shut up when talking to people you think are stupid.  That was the /real /meaning of the “atheists are so arrogant” post.  He was pointing out that /you/ were so arrogant in believing that there were really that many stupid people in the world.  Some of you, I am now sure, know that all this hatemail is faked.  Tell the others, and get everyone to stop acting such a fool.


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  1. Pirate Erica! says:

    It is both arrogant and funny, but its passing out of the arrogant stage and into the proper stage of moderation where the joke is absolutely winning out and it was a very good joke to begin with. It is much safer to take culture out of politics, on the left as much as the right, as people who are not in your culture will respect you more for it. But at the same time culture builds sympathy and cohesian. There probably was too much arrogance in 2004 which is why there seemed to be no particular effort for the Democrats and their allies to launch a coherant campaign, at least from the top down. Many of them seemed as anti-Kerry as anti-Bush, which doesn’t give much credence to them complaining about how they lost the election. The students and professionals who did volunteer their time were absolutely fantastic.

    I rather like having Howard Dean (head of the DNC) and Pelosi in charge. They’re really awesome leaders. And whether or not Barack Obama wins, or is the best man for the job, he is an excellent spokesman and able to get past people’s categories. After the culture wars die down a bit, a lot of the moderates will find their way in on the joke. It’s hard to stay annoyed forever.

  2. Pirate Erica! says:

    I also agree this particular joke was not about arrogance but ridicule. It was the best argument possible against fundies taking themselves too seriously. And as it was another ID argument they couldn’t site their arguments that science is religious, as you guys don’t take yourselves seriously at all.

  3. Peter Popoff says:

    Vote for Peter Popoff for Prez!
    In 2008!

    Peter Popoff
    Future Prez an’ Stuff

  4. Nevadi says:

    bah, you would be surprised. say anything philosophical to anyone, and the resulting comment is almost inadvertently going to be “lol whut?”

  5. beffy says:

    so is this fake hate mail
    or real hate mail
    or really fake hate mail
    or fake real mail
    don’t know how to respond to such an inane argument….

  6. Kate & Henry says:

    I don’t think that this is just a joke. A healthy crticism of all religions, not just christianity is essential. People nowadays have become so wrapped in religion (or being against religion) that no one pays attention to what we’re actually saying or believing or the affect of our belief on others. The implications of Christianity or Islam or Atheism (the anti-religion) are far-reaching and affect everybody whether we are aware of it or not. Because we live in a materialistic culture, it’s difficult to find an uncorrupted version of religion. For example holy texts have been used as political tools and that abuse has been success because they’re above “Earthly” criticism (but not Earthly gain.)

    It’s important to have reminders that religion is an instution and is prone to the same stagnation and corruption as any other aspect of our society. The greatest danger is that we fail to criticize because of our fear of holy retribution. The other extreme is the persecution and ostracism of people who maintain a spiritual lifestyle. We should be able to have a healthy religion without being afraid of criticism. Criticism means people are not necessarily doubting it, but they’re thinking actively and contribute to that religion’s social evolution. We shouldn’t be so insecure about our own beliefs that we need to convert or isolate others on behalf of our god.

    I find the fact that this page draws so much attention is a good sign. Just remember when we fail to criticize religion we start burning witches.

    PS. Why does every hate letter on this site conclude the only way to find God is to go fuck one’s self? I know the Bible frowns on *that*!

    Remember: every time you masturbate God kills a kitten.

  7. Etay says:

    Still, no one realizes how this all started up.

  8. Alchemist says:

    Etay – don’t worry – we know!

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