Yeah, I know it’s satire

Published February 21st, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Yeah, I know it’s satire.  I’m an atheist, and I hate stupid, narrow-minded fundies as much as anyone.  But honestly, this joke has run its course.  People’s lives can actually get ripped apart by Pastafarianism, though I know you don’t really believe it.  Not as many as by organized religion, but organized religion can’t really be stopped except by massive revolution, whereas Pastafarianism can be.  It was funny for a while, but you don’t seem to realize (actually, some of you probably do) that no one cares anymore, that all the hate mail is faked.  Stop laughing at the rest of the world, and realize that you’re not better than the people who post your hatemail; it’s a /joke/.  And your religion has lost its humor.  So shut up when talking to people you think are stupid.  That was the /real /meaning of the “atheists are so arrogant” post.  He was pointing out that /you/ were so arrogant in believing that there were really that many stupid people in the world.  Some of you, I am now sure, know that all this hatemail is faked.  Tell the others, and get everyone to stop acting such a fool.


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  1. Logan says:

    FSM won’t rip people’s lives apart, it’s not like people even have to do anything to be Pastafarian, there’s no curch on Sunday you have to go to, there’s no holdays which u have to practice, and u don’t have to donate huge sums of money. This is as much a religion as any other and even less strict. Also, this “joke” has not run it’s course, there are still millions of people who come here, people like the FSM idea, and it isn’t really even only a joke anymore. Not all the hatemail is actually fake, there r aot of pissed off people who r religious fantics. People do care, it might not be as obvious anymore, but there are still people who do FSM related stuff and talk about FSM. FSMism isn’t atheist, and personally i don’t think that people beliveing other things aren’t always stupid. People posting hatemail have the right to believe whatever they want and they can say it. So, y don’t you leave us alone, we can believe and say what we want, we’re not hurting anyone. Anyway RAmen and sorry for all the spelling/grammar errors, i hope u get the point anyway.

  2. St. Jimmy says:

    I see what you mean, but can’t this just become a fun website at least?! Plus pastafarianism still has a long way to go and plenty of people to irritate in other countries than the US. The rest of the world needs to be educated about how stupid Kansas can be.

  3. Arg Sayer says:

    Who says we’re trying to stop organized religion? Just trying to keep religion out of science class is ambitious enough. Besides, I’d never recommend tearing down a belief system simply because it’s not my belief system.

    And what is this arrogance thing? We pastafarians are entertaining each other. If it bothers you, go away!

    And if this web site tears me apart, it was worth it. Beer volcanoes (Lake Superior Oatmeal Stout, please) await.


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  5. Privateer says:

    @bbctol Pastafarianism can be stopped.
    Cool; go on then.
    Is there a time frame involved, today would be mega, this week impressive, before March I’d say well done, before the US has a female president (go on Hillary you know you want it)……
    the longer you take stopping it the more you may have to eat your words.
    I’ll just go on eating the pasta, peacefully of course, no ripping of lives.

  6. bbctol says:

    FSM has, without me fully realizing it, distanced me incredibly from my family, who I thought would be fine with me being an atheist. And no, Pastafarianism isn’t really a religion. You know that. It’s a way of protesting strict religions. Of course people still like the FSM idea, and people do come here, just not new people. Pastafarianism has become just a way for atheists and agnostics to meet and talk about how much fundies piss them off. Of course people believing other things aren’t stupid, often faith can broaden our minds. The people who are stupid are the thick-skulled fundies for whom religion closes their mind, and they won’t accept anything into their minds that does not correlate with what they were first taught. Luckily, there aren’t that many of those people. And yes, people posting hatemail can say what they want, I’m just telling you to not be so smug when denouncing obvious fakes. I’m pretty sure you’re aware that almost all the most recent hatemails are fake. I’m telling you to not be so smug in the way you denounce people who clearly just want to get a reaction. They’ll just continue.

  7. bbctol says:

    I never said you’re trying to stop organized religion; I used that as an example of why Pastafarianism should be changed. I have nothing at all against organized religion. And of course you don’t actively rip lives apart; plenty of lives have been ripped apart by Christianity, but how many Christians spend their time actively destroting people’s lives?

  8. Privateer says:

    @ bbctol distanced me from my family
    That is very sad, if you scream your atheism or wear outwardly like, oh a cross around your neck, you will alienate people just as much as Jehovas Witnesess do when they try to force feed their philosophy over your door step.
    In my family I am in the minority, of two. We do not think our relatives are stupid, we do not try to convert them or feel the need to “come out of the closet”.
    They are fully entitled to their beliefs, most of them know mine and we have enough respect for each other’s freedom to choose that we leave it at that.
    It is a tough stretch to see what in what area faith broadens the mind?
    But this site allows the individual to engage in the sort of debate that would not necesarily be a good idea across the dinner table. Broadening the mind perhaps?
    And often the hatemail is fun and responding to it a bit of a laugh.
    So who gets hurt, apart from the odd keyboard?

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