Hollywood Flock of Dodos Screening

Published February 13th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Nick the Missionary from the ECU Flock of Dodos Screening has made another appearance!

Randy Olson was so pleased with my imopromptu performance at the last screening, that he flew me out to Hollywood for a screening at Graumans Egyptian theater. I had a great time, and spread the noodly word to many. I have attached a few photos from the event. Theres a couple of photos of me posing with the official dodos, a Darwin impersonator, the Director Randy Olson, and his mom and the star of the movie Muffy Moose. One is with the only celebrity I met Matt Walsh from the Upright Citizens Brigade. I also included the greatest photo of the trip! Its of FSM and a particularly buxom pirate wench we ran into. He seemed to be fond of her cleavage. I think thats what many of the strippers in heaven will look like!

031.jpg 048.jpg 049.jpg 055.jpg

058.jpg 059.jpg 120.jpg

More pictures can be found at Nick’s flickr page here.

Thank you very much Nick!

41 Responses to “Hollywood Flock of Dodos Screening”

  1. Pixel says:

    Good show laddie!
    Keep up the good work, with you on our side His Noodly word will reach many at a much faster rate than was previously possible!

  2. Aunty Dot says:

    Looks very nice but way too much sex, alcohol and violence for my liking.

  3. Wench Beth says:

    “L.A. is one crazy town.” Ah, truer words have never been spoken.
    I’m so glad you had a successful trip and touched so many people with His noodly message. Wish we could all do stuff like that to spread the word!

  4. Wench Beth says:

    Oh, and Nick, I like the photo of the sea anemone. Those guys are super cool.

  5. mdhatter says:

    Yarrr maytey, by appearances ye have won a great victory. (link)

    Hail the greatness and timing of his noodly appendage, rAmen.

  6. Kansas School Board Conceeds! says:

    On the day of our Noodly Lord, the 13th of February, 2007 (a.k.a. Prickle-Prickle, the 44th day of Chaos in the YOLD 3173), the Kansas State Board of Education REPEALED intelegent design.

    Let us celebrate with a bottle of Rum and making love to our fair wenches!


  7. Iron gill Kidd says:

    So even Kansas had to admit they were being idiotic? Maybe there is hope for the world!

  8. Nick the Missionary says:

    Hey I’ve added more photos. We went to this 3 story open air mall on Hollywood blvd. We saw this red carpet event going on on the 3 story. Went to check it out and it turned out to be the Xbiz internet porn awards! We watched porn stars walk up for a while before some dude kicked over this bucket that held all the tickets. A couple of them fell three stories, and I managed to find one! The ticket got me in! It was open bar with tons of porn stars, and I had a blast. Check out the pics!

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