Hollywood Flock of Dodos Screening

Published February 13th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Nick the Missionary from the ECU Flock of Dodos Screening has made another appearance!

Randy Olson was so pleased with my imopromptu performance at the last screening, that he flew me out to Hollywood for a screening at Graumans Egyptian theater. I had a great time, and spread the noodly word to many. I have attached a few photos from the event. Theres a couple of photos of me posing with the official dodos, a Darwin impersonator, the Director Randy Olson, and his mom and the star of the movie Muffy Moose. One is with the only celebrity I met Matt Walsh from the Upright Citizens Brigade. I also included the greatest photo of the trip! Its of FSM and a particularly buxom pirate wench we ran into. He seemed to be fond of her cleavage. I think thats what many of the strippers in heaven will look like!

031.jpg 048.jpg 049.jpg 055.jpg

058.jpg 059.jpg 120.jpg

More pictures can be found at Nick’s flickr page here.

Thank you very much Nick!

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  1. Storm Petrel says:

    With most religions you have to wait ’til you die for a reward, looks like you’re getting rewarded for your good work in this life Nick, keep it up.

  2. Booty says:

    Well done! Our first official missionary exercise! How did it go? Did you get a lot of converts? Do tell!
    We have all been wondering how it went!

  3. Beastly Rich says:

    that’s cool

  4. Jingles says:

    Onya Nick. Don’t suppose that there is any video of the event? That you might post on youtube perhaps?

  5. Homo narrans says:

    nice work, Nick!

  6. Nick the Missionary says:

    @Booty. Oh yes many were converted and I met a good number of people who had already been touched. LA is one crazy town. Apparently there is a “Cat theif on a bicycle” terrorozing the Melrose area. My only regret is that I never found the time to go hand out propaganda around the corner where the scientologists were giving personality tests.
    @ Jingles Sorry, we didn’t think to take any video at the screening. The only video I took during the whole trip was at the porn awards party that I snuck into.

  7. Spareboy says:

    Ye surely be touched, Nick. Here’s hopin’ they make their way out here to the tropical isles for a showing on Oahu, and that they fly you out as well. One more missionary out this way couldn’t hurt. I’ll be keepin’ the ale cold, and me own Honolulu Strippers Club Guidebook up to date (noting the FSM heaven-worthy lass locations).

  8. Mike T says:

    Way to go, Nick…and here’s a double-dose of good news. Looks like the Kansas Board of Education might finally be ready to pull its collective head out of its ass…


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