Have You Been Touched – painting

Published February 9th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

John Cracknell created this FSM masterpiece

The painting is entitled “have you been touched” and comes from my later (circa thursday) Magic Realism Figurative Period. It depicts His Noodlyness, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, reaching down from the sky with his invisible noodly apendages to embue his all creations with the life force. It is not possible to show all his noodliness’s creations in a canvas of this size so they are represented here by; grass, a flower, a bird and of course a man.

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  1. Batman says:

    Nice. I wonder if I can request my local library to order books… I just gave up and special ordered one from a book store.

  2. Batman says:

    @Jean Bart
    What is Harpo speaks? The only Harpo I know is Oprah’s production comany…
    I’m jealous of your book arrivals. I wish I had a big stack of new books sitting happily by my bed… sounds like a pretty comprehensive list too! You know, I’m beginning to understand how crack addicts feel. I feel that way about books… I’m up to buying almost 5 a week… that’s buying, not borrowing from the library. Maybe I should work on developing a drinking habit to distract me from the reading addiction…

  3. Jean Bart says:

    It is Harpo Marx’ autobiography, written in cooperation with Rowland Barber. Especially the beginning, about their New York years, and their touring as a vaudeville company on very dismal circuits, just before and during WWI.

  4. Jean Bart says:

    Oops, I didn’t finish my frase: I wanted to say that the early years are very interesting!

  5. Batman says:

    @Jean Bart
    AH HA HA HA HA HA… I wish I wasn’t stupid sometimes. =S How sad that the first and only thing my mind went to was Oprah… stupid television brainwashing. Gotta give that up…

  6. Batman says:

    @Jean Bart
    I just looked him up on Wikipedia. I was feeling kind of dumb for not knowing who he was… but at least I have heard of the Marx Brothers. So I am not completely out of the loop. Almost, but not quite…
    Are you interested in historical autobiographies? (Well, historical makes it sound older than it is, but you know what I mean…) I have to admit, I am culturally stunted in some areas. Sheltered childhood with no cable, I only saw Stars Wars 1 & 2 (the originals) for the first time two months ago. It’s great… now I actually get some of the jokes and references made about those movies.

  7. Jean Bart says:

    Since my youngest childhood the Marx Bros. fascinated me, espeacially their musical stunts, and the general mood of their early movies. And you should check out Groucho’s bits on his “You bet you life” quiz (from the era after their movies, mid fifties to mid sixties, I think) on YouTube!

  8. Batman says:

    @Jean Bart
    I just sent an email to my work account to remind me to look them up on Tuesday. (tomorrow is a holiday, woot!!) I need interesting things to keep me busy at work… ha ha ha ha… plus my computer there is WAY better and faster than my computer at home. This thing is a piece of crap… ony one month left ’till I buy a new one with all the bells and whistles.

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