You’re going to hell

Published January 27th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

You’re going to hell for degrading god to a pile of noodles. Have fun burning for an eternity. -Erik Vavro

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  1. Joe Blow says:


    “After billions of years, we evolved from dinosaurs to where we are now”

    actually….we evolved from Cynodonts:

    “The term “cynodont” refers to a broad group of extinct mammal-like reptiles, the Cynodontia. These include the direct ancestors of mammals”

    Dinosaurs came from “basal dinosauromorphs” and evolved into birds, not people.

  2. Francesc says:

    @anti noodle
    Are you realy sure that, for your God, it is more important that you believes in him than to be a good person? I’m a good person -at least, i think so- and it would be enough ; also Elsa, I’m sure
    BTW, if your God is so insecure, I prefer to worship in our drunk Holyness

  3. LV2sfo says:

    Which woul you prefer?

    An eternity in hell
    50+ years as a christitan

    hell wins every time

  4. Me,HereAndNow says:

    I always get a kick out of people, who believe, that any Being who would be able to create this entire Universe, would care about what one minor species, on a small planet is, or is not doing. I can’t imagine “God” (the creator of the WHOLE Universe) sitting around waiting for human beings to worship Him/Her. Now, if “God” is an adolescent boy, it would all make sense. But then, how could an adolescent boy create a Universe?

  5. Jeremy says:

    I’m still on the fence about the whole god thing. but it does some rather contradictory to preach the message of god being so loving and merciful and than turn right around and say “hes merciful, but if you don’t worship Him your going to burn forever in a lake of fire.” Kinda ironic. BELIEVE OR DIE!!! And if thats not a clear sign of mercy and love, I don’t know what is. I’ve read the Bible, so you cant tell me anything that I don’t already know. SORRY! and if this pisses you off, I guess you have to forgive me. Oh and why the hell do most Christians support the death penalty? Didn’t Jesus tell you to turn the other cheek and to love and pray for those who do you wrong? just something to think about.

  6. Piratey Ninja says:

    I always found it odd that God (as in your God, not mine) waits until people die of whatever cause before he sends them to Hell. Honestly, wouldn’t it just be easier to smite the non-believers the second they sprung up? Bet it would prove a point waaaaay better than just assuming he took them to hell after they died.

    I always like these types of hate mail. One line that expresses all the hate and intolerance one man/woman can muster. Least they didn’t quote the Bible a dozen times.


  7. martharose says:

    Elsa, I’m still here, too. Whomever your supreme being may be (if, in fact you have one), I’ve got to believe that the most important gift/quality we have been given is the ability to be critical thinkers. Otherwise, we’re all not much different from lemmings. Once one starts to think critically, it’s impossible to accept the paradigm of hell as an after-death punishment for those who don’t accept the narrow, exclusive concept of the omniscient one as set forth by political rulers who had a vested interest in controlling the masses by defining religion and god as a way to keep peasants and the illeterate in line. Perhaps hell is really a world in which those in power arrogantly use fear and brutality in the name of their god to oppress, control, brutalize others. (Anyone thinking “W”?) Perhaps there is a bit of hell (or more than a bit) on earth right now, and it’s our job to use our (god-given?) abilities to think critically to find ways to spread love – NOT to be critical and judgemental of those who don’t believe what we believe.

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