What’s the deal

Published January 27th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

What’s the deal….  I mean, given, I drink a lot, but- DO SO MANY PEOPLE REALLY TAKE THIS THAT SERIOUSLY??? (and not in the way that might stand a possibility of raising their consciousness a bit…) I’m starting to think that the world is divided into those who get the joke, and those who are woefully oblivious. I get the point, and it IS brutal, but the number of folks getting bogged down in the details is starting to seriously lower my opinion of the collective IQ of humanity… a LOT. I resign my membership in the human race… at least until the monkeys posing as humans decide to grow up. Samuel Clemens would be appalled….(all the way to the bank)

“He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man”  Dr Johnson

in disgust, Inky

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  1. maxwell says:

    Dear, Dear Inky,
    It was from monkeys that organized religion sprang. FSM arose from the extruding dye-cutter of eternity. Can I pick bugs out of your hair and eat them? It sounds funny, I know. But it makes for strong social bonding…

  2. CcGame says:

    Oh yeah, we’re definetly the “bogged down” intellects of society. We are the ones who believe that a evolutionary process is needed for the eventual creation of a being that is self awared and has the ability to create whereas you believe in the sudden coming of a perfect being. Let us restate that NOTHING is created overnight, nothing changes to the dramatical effect that you have stated overnight, and nothing can become complex in its first form. I don’t know how many times we have to examine the genetic codes of our species and monkeys to prove you creationalists wrong. Though granted, the codes are in the founding forms of our true creator, the Flying Spaghetti Monster (hmm…talk about a contradictory retort). The fact is, if you can’t accept that you evolved somewhere in your life, then I agree, you aren’t human. :)

  3. Daegen21 says:

    “You disgust. Inky.” So, that can mean one of a few things.

    If, for a moment, we assume that Inky is the one we disgust, then we must also assume that the period after “disgust” is a typo, in which case Inky considers himself so far above the rest of us, that he can refer to himself in the Third Person. The Royal We if you will.

    If we assume that the period is in the place Inky meant it to be, than we must conclude he failed grade 3 grammer. As you can plainly see, he’s missing the subject. Who exactly do we disgust? We disgust who? Dogs? Monkies? Bananas? What?

    And thus ends another meeting of the grammar club.

    FSM FTW!

  4. The Narrator says:

    Those of us who are obviously smarter than to think it’s real, but still go along with it, may be the better.
    We know this is fake, but everyone needs a little imagination, and if this sparks it then it’s not a problem.
    We aren’t ignorant, we just enjoy different things to amuse ourselves.
    In fact if you think about it, posting on these sites and going along with it is a better way to amuse ourselves the someother ways.


  5. Fred says:

    the world is fucked up so its split up to asshole and people who under stand the truth

  6. neurone says:

    Isn’t the IQ scale set so that the mean and mode are always 100? So, what again about the “collective IQ of humanity”?

  7. Eddie says:

    You’re one of those who only scan the meaning on the surface, you are no good at discreet or encryptic.

    This is a sane part of the world, I can escape all the hatred you guys bring to the world.
    The world is topsy-turvy and you decide to slag this off!

  8. Alchemist says:

    @ neurone. Mean and modey. I like that :)

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