what the hell is wrong with you

Published January 30th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

hello. I came across your so call WEBSITE as a mistake. ok, I have one question for you. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? How can you honestly believe that spaghetti can have legs, arms, and a pulse at the least bit? Your web site is clearly a joke, and anybody that believes a “thing” can have MEATBALLS for eyes, is clearly disturbed and should seek help immediately. How can you people make such vulgar comments about the catholic and Christian religion? saying that we have to accept that God’s balls are larger than ours? that is clearly disrespectful to all Christians. If you wish to disrespect me, i will disrespect you, by saying that you are all a bunch of LOONS with mental disabilities. Worshiping spaghetti is like worshipping Poland just because they make good water! Oh, and one last thing. tomorrow night, while i am enjoying my wonderful plate of spaghetti, ill make sure i enjoy it. But, you can give me a call next time you see the flying spaghetti monster. I would give you my number, but I can guarantee you wont need it.

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  1. Invisible Pink Unicorn says:

    Salutations, fellow anti Spaghetti-ist!

  2. Peggy-Sue says:

    who said the fsm has arms, legs or a pulse? He is just pure noodly goodness.

  3. joe says:

    E-mail me next time you see ANY other God, I mean god. I would give you my E-mail but I can guarentee you won’t need it. Oh, and the lrics for the song I am listening to is quite appropriate- “Fools must pretend to be wise/ With the faith that they use as a heavy disguise”

  4. quietplease says:

    Okay, genius- Poland Springs is from Maine. (And it really isn’t that good tasting, IMHO. The best is the Icelandic water)

    Sorry, that was really bugging me- My problem is OCD

  5. Nymphadora says:

    “Oh, and one last thing. tomorrow night, while i am enjoying my wonderful plate of spaghetti, ill make sure i enjoy it.”
    Then you will be partaking in the holy sacriment of FSM.
    May His Noodly Appendage touch you.

  6. pheer6224 says:

    Does the bible state the size of god’s balls?

  7. justin marbutt says:

    you have no more right to put down any ones religion no more then they have to put down yours no matter how insane you think it is (besides fsm is very scientific and very provable)

  8. Damutishico says:

    Haha, Poland doesn’t make water, silly. They just bottle and sell it.

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