what the hell is wrong with you

Published January 30th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

hello. I came across your so call WEBSITE as a mistake. ok, I have one question for you. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? How can you honestly believe that spaghetti can have legs, arms, and a pulse at the least bit? Your web site is clearly a joke, and anybody that believes a “thing” can have MEATBALLS for eyes, is clearly disturbed and should seek help immediately. How can you people make such vulgar comments about the catholic and Christian religion? saying that we have to accept that God’s balls are larger than ours? that is clearly disrespectful to all Christians. If you wish to disrespect me, i will disrespect you, by saying that you are all a bunch of LOONS with mental disabilities. Worshiping spaghetti is like worshipping Poland just because they make good water! Oh, and one last thing. tomorrow night, while i am enjoying my wonderful plate of spaghetti, ill make sure i enjoy it. But, you can give me a call next time you see the flying spaghetti monster. I would give you my number, but I can guarantee you wont need it.

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  1. paulo says:

    “anybody that believes a “thing” can have MEATBALLS for eyes, is clearly disturbed”

    Yes, maybe true (although I see that you call “thing” anyThing that does not look like you youreself think God looks like). But then I have a question for you. Do you believe God (your “thing”) looks like humans? Do you think that that is rationally more obvious than having meatballs for eyes?

    For if it is, how did He create all other animals? He took Himself to inspire Himself to create humans. What inspired Him to create animals?

    Honestly, I find no logical reason to choose one appearance or another, even if we get to agree that God exists. Certainly, it is not our chouce to decide what He looks like, He is what it is.

    If you see Him before we see FSM, give us a call yourself.

  2. capekicks says:

    “Worshiping spaghetti is like worshipping Poland just because they make good water!”
    My Grandparents were from Poland but they didn’t worship water or Poland or whatever. Maybe that’s “cause Poland Springs water is from Poland Springs Maine.
    However, Grandma did use Pasta to make the wrappings for delicious perogis. I guess his noodly appendage reaches everywhere

  3. Cap'n Bart Gwynn says:

    you so call WEBSITE?? Dear FSM!


  4. Cap'n Bart Gwynn says:

    also, how did you ‘accidentally’ come across this site, I can’t imagine a situation in which an obviously sane and secure person like yourself would enter the words ‘Flying Spaghetti Monster’ into google, just to see what would happen. My theory is that FSM guided you here, and yuo can’t deny it!



  5. Lunip says:

    This isn’t a bible class site?

  6. Rowdy Wench says:

    @ Lunip – Bwahahaha! Kinda sorta I suppose! :))

  7. ZEKE says:

    Mentall disabilities?
    Why would you say somthing like that?
    people with mental disabilties are people, you can not say stuff like that unless you are joking. But you you fucking poor excuse for a humanbeing should go fuck himself with a shuvel, or a razor blade!
    so get a fucking life then grow some balls and hang yourself by them.

    your sincerly
    (ps. Pirates rock and our lord, the OH GREAT NOODLY ONE rocks too)

  8. Spagatelli says:

    Clearly a joke…..(*heavy sarcasm*)NOOOOOO! Although, we arn’t actually a joke, I like to think of us as an intelligent satire. (Bless me FSM for I have sinned against your holy name…….)

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