pirate weatherman

Published January 14th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I have attached a picture of pirate weatherman reporting a rather low temperature, which is even more evidence that pirates reduce global warming.


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  1. non believer says:

    I am currently in the questioning phase, and I am wondering where I can access the many written accounts of the FSM’s from hundreds of years ago mentioned in this site.
    Also, I cannot seem to truly find the beliefs of Pastafarians anywhere on this site that are not extremely vague and for the most part free of logic and proof.
    Also, how come under evidence there are only academic endorsements? That’s not evidence.
    Also, perhaps pirates and global warming do not have as great an impact on each other as the increase of greenhouse gases.
    Also the 8 dints that are listed within the Gospel of the FSM seem to be worded oddly, are they reinterpreted by the founder? Also I do not understand the purpose of making the FSM a parody of Christian beliefs… and honestly the pirate thing to me is merely a mistaken coincidence because the fact is that many things can be correlated to the increase of global warming because many things have decreased since the 1800s.
    Please enlighten me, I am not trying to criticize the FSM but I would like to know more about it, please email me at

    [email protected]


  2. Wench Nikkiee says:

    @non believer
    “Also, I cannot seem to truly find the beliefs of Pastafarians anywhere on this site that are not extremely vague and for the most part free of logic and proof.”
    You need to read the Gospel of the FSM non believer. It is the word :)
    You also must have faith in His Noodlyness. The academic endorsements of the science of the CoFSM testify to its validity, which is very important. Just as the 200 creation scientists on AiG are very important for the credibility of its scientific information.
    If you find the wording of the “Eight I’d Really Rather You Didn’ts” odd, that is probably just because you have preconceptions as to how commandments should be written.
    I’m sure you would also find strange, the wording of the creation doctrines of other religions, (eg. American Indians, Hindus, Bhudists, Muslims ect.) which you are unfamiliar with.
    I suggest you buy the Gospel and many of your doubts will be answered.
    May FSM bless you with His Noodly Appendage.

  3. 'trick says:

    RAmen Wench Nikkiee! The TRUTH is in the Gospel! May His Noodly Appendages light the path of this non believer.

  4. Dread Wench L'TUAE says:

    have faith, o non believer, for the word of our Noodly Master IS truth.

  5. Mike T says:

    “Arrr, shiver me timbers, mateys, it be gettin’ cold out there…”

  6. Cmp1988 says:

    May His Noodlyness bless all those pirates at work.

    P.S. If “The Pirate Bay” actually buys Sealand, then Pastafarianism will be a perfect fit as their religion.

  7. Martin says:


    Made my day ;)

  8. Mike says:


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