ocean fsm sighting

Published January 14th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I must say, I feel so much like Doubting Thomas recently.  I mean, really, for those who believe in the FSM, no proof is needed, and for those who don’t believe in the FSM, no proof is possible.  Same for Jesus.

Until now.

This evidence of the FSM was photographed on the coast of Northern California last weekend.  Well, I might say, at the moment, it was actually a Swimming Spaghetti Monster, just a little past al dente.

I was so happy.  I now believe.




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  1. The Left Meatball says:

    Yeah, a Turkish hombre killed his wife… That just goes to show the lackings of a sinful religious movement like Islam – or Christianity for that matter. No way would a devout Pastafarian retort to such methods. Rather, the poor wife – may FSM rest her tomato – had seen the noodle, and consequently tried to convert the poor s.o.b. from his sinister ways… And what better way than to feed the sinner with the (metaphorical) flesh of our Omniscient Being…
    Praise be the Noodly Master and His rightous disciples…

  2. Draig Athar says:

    I never noticed it before, but my pet parrot’s newest chew toy bears more than a passing resemblance to the FSM! It makes perfect sense, really, given the parrot/pirate connection …


  3. Eggy says:

    OMFSM! more proof from D.A.!
    its amazing…

  4. Drazharln says:

    RAmen to that prayr, RAmen

  5. Pasta Riot says:

    We pray for your safe being, O’ Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  6. Andytrónico says:

    You must hate the Spaghetti monster. Welcome Flying NBC Peacock Monster!

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