mouse neurons, the expanding universe, and the fsm

Published January 19th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

The New York Times has published a graphic which compares the strangely-similar image of mouse neurons, only micrometers wide, to an image of our expanding universe, billions of light years across. There is an obvious noodle-and-meatballs-like pattern to each, suggesting underlying intelligent design, which comes as no surprise to Pastafarians.

Link to the NYTimes graphic.

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  1. Wench Beth says:

    To Homo narrans… you are so right about the Mandelbrots. I never thought of that before. Let’s all discuss fractals. I love ’em. And I think the great Flying Spaghetti Monster does, too.

  2. Tagliatellius says:

    What about the Slartibartfasts?

  3. Thumper says:

    I don’t think that all of you FSM loonies truely realise the depths of wisdom that the Holy Bible has to offer.
    Given that your faith is somewhat centred around the divinity of a “main course” perhaps some of you can be turned from your wicked path by viewing what the “good book” has to offer with regard to culinary advice.
    Now if I may quote from Deuteronomy Chapter 14 verses 3-7:
    “Do not eat anything that the Lord has declared unclean. You may eat these animals: cattle, sheep, goats, deer, wild sheep, wild goats or antelopes. You may not eat camels, RABBITS (my emphasis) or rock badgers.”

    Verses 12-18 contain some useful information regarding edible birds.

    The wisdom of the “good book” is by no means limited to handy kitchen advice. I would encourage everyone to examine it’s provisions regarding the proper treatment of female prisoners of war that you have intercourse with but then decide not to marry.
    Turn away from the evil FSM and embrace the truth.

  4. Pixel Pete says:

    Have you actually read the rest of Deuteronomy? It’s filled with “stone your rebellious children” and “kill the people who aren’t Christians”. As genocidal maniacs and power-hungry freaks of course you wouldn’t understand the goodness that is the FSM.
    I bet you’re really tall because you clearly aren’t being touched by His Noodly Appendages.
    May the FSM bring you an abundance of loot and may all of your yurts stay warm in the winter(brr! they can get cold!)

  5. Thumper says:

    @Pixel Pete
    “I bet you’re really tall because you clearly aren’t being touched by His Noodly Appendages”
    I kinda thought it was a “flying” abomination that you guys were into…good to know that there are limits to the alleged mischief that it could inflict upon good Christian folk.

  6. Dread Wench L'TUAE says:

    He can fly, idiot. The force known as “gravity” is actually His Noodly Appendages pushing us toward the ground. He would not want to touch you, but he must have a slight hold because otherwise you would have flown off the earth. Personaly I can’t find a downside to that.

  7. Pixel Pete says:

    I’m sorry, but I can’t quite see the correlation between your height and the amount of metaphorical “wounds” that we can deal to your morally inferior religion.
    Why don’t you think about it and tell me, if you were short, would “god” exist. I think not, therefor(after performing an experiment), we can determine that your height does in fact, have absolutely nothing to do with anything that’s going on here. You should have picked a better quote to dis than that.
    Now time to pour a little proverbial salt in the wound!
    “good Christian folk”
    ‘Again I apologize, but I don’t know of any good Christian folk, lemme see. Bush is Christian, nope he’s a moron not gonna count. The Pope’s a Christian, yeah… but he’s a Nazi too. The list can go on and my salt shaker’s running low, so how ’bout you tell me a nice Christian and I’ll go ahead and act like I give a damn about your thoughts and feelings.
    I hope your yurt falls over.

  8. Thumper says:

    @Pixel Pete
    “Again I apologize, but I don’t know of any good Christian folk”
    There we go! Generalisation and bigotry…well done Church of the FSM…indeed your religion is evolving nicely!!! Hey Pixel…can we add, “the only good Christian is a dead Christian”…ha ha ha ha ha….
    With regard to your “height” comments…I must say that I was confused re relevance of same and thankyou for the clarification….I don’t own a “yurt” but I sincerly hope that your yurt suffers no misfortune or other act of God.

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