mouse neurons, the expanding universe, and the fsm

Published January 19th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

The New York Times has published a graphic which compares the strangely-similar image of mouse neurons, only micrometers wide, to an image of our expanding universe, billions of light years across. There is an obvious noodle-and-meatballs-like pattern to each, suggesting underlying intelligent design, which comes as no surprise to Pastafarians.

Link to the NYTimes graphic.

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  1. Beastly Rich says:

    divine Provenance!

  2. Eggy says:

    RAmen to that my friends. who among us or our “enemies” would dare see this as anything but FSM? what other explaination could there be :P

  3. Marc McOar says:

    This is even better than that slice of sacred toast with the FSM on it. I have now lived long enough to witness His beauty as one with the universe. RAmen. I feel touched.

  4. Fr. Corpus Callosum says:

    What is interesting is that it implies an underlying scale-indifferent order and pattern to the universe, but that is very different from intelligent design, except of course in the FSM intelligent noodle sense.
    “Can you see his noodly appendages, brothers and sisters?”

  5. Pixel Pete says:

    Damnit I told those left-wing athiests that we were right! And look, only more proof to back us up!
    @Fr. CC
    I can see the Noodles, Father I can! ♪50s Gospel♪
    (End of post signature!!!)
    May the FSM bring you an abundance of loot and may all your yurts stay warm in the winter(brr! they can get cold!)

  6. CcGame says:

    Ah, everything is coming together even more clearly now! :D

  7. Redbeard says:

    Arrrr..wait could this be an example of his noodlyness intelligently designing the mouse neurons???

  8. Wench Beth says:

    I’m not really surprised about the similarity of the neurons and the universe to the Flying Spaghetti Monster. After all, He did create many things in His own image, so these are just examples of His great work.

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