idiots claiming a flying spaghetti monster

Published January 27th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

wow, this site has to be full of the biggest crackheads i have ever heard of.  Idiots claiming a flying spaghetti monster, and more idiots complaining about it,  goddamn.  let me lay things straight here
1. Spaghetti is a food, i’ll eat your false deity, so screw it, you all can go die
2. The concerned christians who post on this site are just as dumb.  who the fuck cares about this little site?  you’re only bringing attention to it by posting.  and for the record, fuck it i’ll eat you’re deity as well.  I hate every last one of you.  and i don’t care if i’m feuling your quest for a lower IQ, ffs, you’re all just a bunch of nerds who decided that it might be funny to listen to the crackhead named Bobby Henderson.
anyways, have fun losers, i’m gonna go to my girlfriends house now.  i’ll explain what a girlfriend is to you later.



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  1. Spikes on a *Tool* says:

    First off: If you’re going flame us, can you at least give common courtesy and do it properly? There’s this wonderful thing…It’s called SPELL CHECK*flashy lights*. It should be on most web browsers. And if you can’t find it on your browser, it should be easily downloaded.
    Secondly: Last time I checked, we worship the FLYING spaghetti MONSTER. Have you eaten any flying spaghetti monsters lately?
    Thirdly: I’m not completely sure you even know what half the words you used are. If you’re going to shoot off your mouth like that, make sure you have a dictionary with you.
    Lastly: I bid you good day, and in the future I hope that you come to terms with the reality that there are many different people in this world, and not all of them with agree with your stupid views of the world.

  2. joe says:

    Hang on “You’re only drawing attention to it by posting”?
    And BTW, how can you eat the resembleance of an invisible, non-existent being- God, for those of you who don’t realise.

  3. Corrassian says:

    i think u got da crack on da brain weird dude

  4. LOL says:


    Same fervour displayed by all religious nutjobs. Hence Spaghetti Monster point is proven yet again.

    Say hi to Mary Magdalene, I mean your girlfriend. Tell her i said THANKS!

  5. luv jain says:

    “”1. Spaghetti is a food, i’ll eat your false deity, so screw it, you all can go die””

    FSM created sppaghtii so we coud all enjoy his noodly goodness (which has been lost on u)

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