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Published January 27th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I found yet more evidence of  the FSM’s existence. I know there is plenty, but sadly the unbelievers keep refusing to see the truth.
So here is my contribution.
It was just over my head as I was shoveling snow a few days ago. I had to take a few photos. You can clearly see his noodly appendages in the ice. A remarkable sign from above!
After I took the pics, I immediately had a nice lunch of pasta, sauce and some lovely garlic toast.
Let’s hope the doubters don’t need any more convincing.
From a fellow Pastafarian,
Pedro Bedard
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada


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  1. BHendo (Aus) says:

    There’s only one day a year that would even come close to snowing in this the most isolate city in the world – and that would be to have all dress up on on Talk Like a Pirate Day, alas this would cause globally catastrophic events which may involve noodley appendages moving the Earth a little closer to the sun.

    As for our drought…
    I think we should force our cleverest and handsomest politicians to trade some of your drinking water for our World’s greatest and FSM bless-ed beers. We had convicts making hops and barley before any non-beer related crop, no wonder we have no water but so much great beer… I mean, some of the Botany Bay settlers must’ve been Pirates right?


  2. Jingles says:

    “most isolate city”
    Another perthling perhaps? :P

  3. IchibanMan says:

    This is just another example to show the existince of our noodley lord

    but why must people hate him so
    if only they knew the truth

    we must spread the word of FSM

  4. Brandolf says:

    notice how its ICE, and the since pirates are lowering the temperature, its impossible to deny the prescence of his Noodly Appendage.Ramen

  5. bill says:

    ur gay shut up and dont talk anymore……you are a freak and live with your mom

  6. BHendo (Aus) says:

    @Jingles –
    It’s the place to be unless you wanna go on holidays. Damn expensive airlines.
    Another year for the WCE :) comin’ up.

    @Bill –
    It’s good to see that you realise that ppl not of your religion are ‘happy’, and as for living with parents, I’m sure if you weren’t spawned from a gutter somewhere you would’ve lived with your parents for a long period of time. Unless of course they kicked you out for being a perpetual disappointment. Maybe you could find happiness in FSMism!


  7. bill says:

    I have a problem with this. Someone two posts up posts as me. Does everyone know it’s not me? I didn’t do it, really. Wouldn’t it make sense to register names and make a note on the post as to which are registered and which aren’t?
    I don’t want to have to argue that I am not that guy. Or should I assume everyone knows?

  8. The Flying Tree Toad Misses His Wench :( says:


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