fsm haikus

Published January 19th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I was bored at work today(the mortgage industry is slow) and wrote some haiku. I hope you like them.

Praise be unto You
Flying Spaghetti Monster
Creator of all

Stripper factories
And beer volcanoes await
In the afterlife


*UPDATE – 1/19/2007 * 

Here are some more Haikus, found in the comments section. Very nice.

Yes I have been touched
By His Noodley Appendage
It was a Good Touch

Flying Spaghetti
Monster is the way of Life
Praised be He! RAmen.

Midget, moutains, trees,
His Noodley Appendage
Has made all to be.

Pirates the Chosen
Dictating the global temp
Wear your Regalia

With His noodley
Appendage I have been touched
But not like that priest

To be a Pirate
and save the hole earth from DOOM

Our Noodly master
Created the seven seas
For use by pirates

All hail His noodles
His meatball’s flavor sacred
And his sauce divine

Priests Molest Children
But the Spaghetti Monster
Loves Us Properly

Noodles in the Sky
Pirate fantasies fulfilled
Now cool down, hot world!

The Pasta Monster
He grasps my with his noodles
Crap, I got scurvy


The creator who holds us dear
did not look as what we hear.
he was not a man, or human at all
he was made of spaghetti and two meat balls.
he made us all
originally short
and it wasn’t even his last resort
Pirates are his people,
holy are they
who end every sentence with “Arrgh” as they pray.
Some might not believe,
but it is a fact,
our God was pasta
no, this isn’t an act
So lets all give
a hip hip horray
the FSM is here to stay

83 Responses to “fsm haikus”

  1. Jean Bart says:

    They say “hell” is way out in Norway,
    I think it could be in your doorway,
    at work or at school,
    too hot or too cool:
    think nothing or think of it YOUR way!

    RAmen to you Pirates!

  2. fish says:

    believe in meatballs
    surrounded by spaghetti
    no better option

  3. cuttlefish rule says:

    Love the poetyr guys!!!!!!

    @Gnocci Man: Totally awesome song!! When I read it, I actually thought it’d sound pretty good as a rap.

  4. cuttlefish rule says:

    And yes, poetyr is a type of poetry. :)

  5. Brandolf says:

    an eyepatch is good
    a hook and a peg leg too
    we will save the world

  6. Giovana says:

    our children
    should not be taught in science
    about christian god

  7. the pirettes says:

    we discovered FSM
    in our technology class.
    he is really cool
    and he tastes like Ragu.
    our friends think were weird
    because we worship a meal.
    we thought we found his holyness
    in an italian resurante
    but it was just a plain plate of
    spaghetti with meatballs.

    -the pirettes

  8. nowis says:

    There once was a school down in Dover
    Who said “Evolution is over”
    They bid science goodbye
    Stated: “ID’s no lie!”
    And then suddenly IQ was lower

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