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Published January 28th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

During the course of my research into condensed stages of DNA my colleague and I came upon this paper.  “Nanoscopic structure of DNA condensed for gene delivery”, Dunlap et al, Nucleic Acids Research, (1997), Vol 25, No. 15, Pgs 3095-3101.

Please examine Figure 2c, and be enlightened.

In fact DNA seems to naturally condense into nano-toroids reminiscent of his Noodliness.  Since DNA is the precursor for all life, and His image is seen in DNA, then we must assume that The Most High Pasta is in us all.

May his appendages be ever moist.



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  1. Navigator Spider says:

    politeness does indeed count for a lot, of course it doesn’t make anything true…
    “To be entirely honest, if it weren’t for Christ I wouldn’t be able to love anyone but my immediate family and myself. Three years ago, before I was a Christian, I was selfish, self-centered and self-serving. I wouldn’t have been capable of loving someone I didn’t even know”
    whilst i am certainly pleased you are a nicer human being, all this shows was that your character needed working on. how much moral is a person that has no requirement for the cosmic threat of punishment if they’re not nice? i personally am ambivolent towards most of the species, i find them irritating at best. maybe this is my failing as i’m not gregarious, should it condemn me to an eternity of punishment? harsh i feel. i help if i see a need for it, i don’t interfere. the problem is although i am sincere that we are born with equal rights, many chose to misuse them and i think that there should be consequences for that misuse.
    Before anyone puts it, i don’t needs praying for, or saving- i’m not drowning…

  2. SaucyWench says:


    Of course your apology is accepted. I do believe in the power of positive thought, and wishing goodwill towards faceless others, as long as the goodwill is generic and not predicated on someone finding your particular set of beliefs palatable, is a powerful spiritual practice. I’m not sure what it actually does for the one being wished for, but I know it helps the well-wisher. I once had to think thoughts of loving-kindness towards someone whom has caused much pain and sadness in my life. It took me months to do it, and I only did it once, but I was freed from this woman’s grip over me just a little. By the way this woman, my ex-husband’s now ex-wife, claims to be a Christian, yet she is psychologically twisted and seems to derive pleasure from abusing others. I know that it is not Christianity’s fault that she is like she is, yet in my mind the fact that she claims loudly to be so very close to Christ while having been abusive to my children makes her and her religion all the more unattractive. If I sound full of hate for this woman, then the work I’ve put into recovering from my association from her has paid off. At least I can talk about it now. As far as I’m concerned, Christ can have her.

  3. JonL says:

    RAmen SaucyWench

  4. SaucyWench says:

    Thanks Jon. I feel the need to add that I had already been well down my own spiritual path before I met my ex’s ex. She didn’t turn me away from Christianity. I was already very far away from it when she came into the picture.

  5. Red DutchPasta Kidd says:

    Saucy, just wanted to wish you well. I wish I was near you, I’d give you a nice big hug. So instead I’ll just send you a Zen Hug: the hug you would get, if we were near you and could give them, but we aren’t and we cant. (I hope that made sense?).

  6. Navigator Spider says:

    A zen hug? hmm.. what is the sound of one person hugging?
    but RAmen Saucy, you’re a better person than me.

  7. Gnocci Man says:

    Good to see someone who isn’t damning us to hell. You are the kind of person who is an asset to your religion. We are all very grateful for your politeness, as has been meticulousely stated in many posts.
    However, I am strongly opposed to what fundamentalism seems to stand for. I believe that the mind is one’s last safe-haven, and that forcing someone to adopt your beliefs is a crime of the highest order. I wouldn’t really care about what they believed as long as they stopped trying to force it on innocents. Schools are the place to learn facts, not theology.
    Yet again, thank you for your kindness. The world needs it.

  8. Lolli Popoff says:

    @ SaucyWench, Best wishes Saucy.
    @ nic, Welcome back nic.

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