fsm crashes Flock of Dodos screening

Published January 20th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I had to write you and tell you about the event we had here at my university (East Carolina University) last night. We had a screening of the new hit documentary “Flock of Dodos: The Intelligent Design / Evolution Circus” by Harvard-trained biologist-turned-filmmaker Randy Olson. Afterwards, there was a panel discussion that included Randy Olson, and faculty from biology, anthropology, geology(UNCW), and religios studies. Obviously, I felt that it was my duty to show up in full pirate regalia and hand out some propaganda.

It went really great! Our 750 seat theater was packed to the hilt. I met many fellow pastafarians, and think I converted quite a few more. When I asked an FSM based question of the panel, it was met with numerous rounds of applause and laughter. Afterwards some of the panelists, students, and faculty all went out for a beer. I countinued my evangelizing at the bar, and think I made a few more converts. I have to say that it was a great day for FSM!

I am attaching photos of my costume and me handing out brochures. Theres a photo with Randy Olson, our moderator Dr. Joe Luczkovich, and myself. Finally, I am including a photo of a random drunk girl molesting our noodly creator in a less than holy manner (I think he actually enjoyed it!)

The film was really great and hilarious. I definitely think pastafarians will enjoy it! The trailer can be viewed here: http://www.flockofdodos.com/ and you can see if there will be a screening near you. There will be screenings all over the country in the next month for Darwin Day. I would definitely reccomend everyone try and make it out to a screening, and don’t forget your pirate regalia!

Thanks Again,
Nick Jones

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  1. Gnocci Man says:

    (Deeper and heartier laugh, sound of pasta spraying from mouth)
    Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

  2. Jean Bart says:

    Yesssss! And now for a record book or something, and some volunteers to scan the entire venganza site!
    RAmen to you Pirates!

  3. Avatar of Reason says:

    @Jingles: That was very funny. Thanks! I really loved “if encountered physically, use a shotgun.”

  4. Arthur says:

    Meh, more updates on the screening event, I picked up a school newspaper someone had left on the bus, and in the Letter to the Editor section, someone had written in complaining about the coverage of the event. Apparently, the original article they printed about it (which I missed) said that Olsen presented ID as a replacement theory to Darwin’s theory of evolution. The person/people writing the letter in were in a tiff over that statement (as well as the statement that said evolution and natural selection were the “random mutation of cells”), with good reason. When I finally got to the bottom of the letter, I saw it was signed by 3 associate professors of biology, as well as the chair of anthropology for the school; at least 2 of the names I distinctly remember as being members of the discussion panel that took a direct part in the screening event, and I’m pretty sure at least one more of the names were on the panel, so it’s not just some random nut writing in. :-D
    Just thought I’d share that the movie was misrepresented and quickly fixed.

  5. Tequilatarian says:

    This is late in the post and will most likely not be read, but I saw Nick at the screening of “A Flock of Dodos” at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles on Feb 6. 2007.

    I just wanted confirm the fact that he is an excellent missionary to help bring the Truth® to the many people who came to see the movie.

    Many pictures were taken and I am sure when Nick gets back home, they will be added.

    The brochures he handed-out were gladly accepted and read. I dare the $cientologists who were harassing tourists next to the event to make the same claim! And even after people fork over all of their wealth to $cientology, they have no hope of a stripper factory or beer volcanoes. Suckers.

    Keep up the good work Nick


  6. DutchPastaGuy says:

    Nice to see the missionary work is going so well. Thanks for posting.

  7. Nick the Missionary says:

    Hi All! I have returned from my missionary trip to Hollywood! It was great! We even made it out to Vegas for a couple of days. I’ve sent Bobby some pics, but who knows when he’ll get around to reading my email. In the mean time I’ve created a Flickr page where I’ve uploaded some of the photos of the trip! Check em out!
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/?saved=1
    I’m still uploading more pics, but its taking forever, so keep checking it.

  8. Neal Matin says:

    I believe in my heart that the teapot orbiting the earth comes from the table of his noodlyness. But if pressed will deny it out of fear.

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