fsm crashes Flock of Dodos screening

Published January 20th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I had to write you and tell you about the event we had here at my university (East Carolina University) last night. We had a screening of the new hit documentary “Flock of Dodos: The Intelligent Design / Evolution Circus” by Harvard-trained biologist-turned-filmmaker Randy Olson. Afterwards, there was a panel discussion that included Randy Olson, and faculty from biology, anthropology, geology(UNCW), and religios studies. Obviously, I felt that it was my duty to show up in full pirate regalia and hand out some propaganda.

It went really great! Our 750 seat theater was packed to the hilt. I met many fellow pastafarians, and think I converted quite a few more. When I asked an FSM based question of the panel, it was met with numerous rounds of applause and laughter. Afterwards some of the panelists, students, and faculty all went out for a beer. I countinued my evangelizing at the bar, and think I made a few more converts. I have to say that it was a great day for FSM!

I am attaching photos of my costume and me handing out brochures. Theres a photo with Randy Olson, our moderator Dr. Joe Luczkovich, and myself. Finally, I am including a photo of a random drunk girl molesting our noodly creator in a less than holy manner (I think he actually enjoyed it!)

The film was really great and hilarious. I definitely think pastafarians will enjoy it! The trailer can be viewed here: http://www.flockofdodos.com/ and you can see if there will be a screening near you. There will be screenings all over the country in the next month for Darwin Day. I would definitely reccomend everyone try and make it out to a screening, and don’t forget your pirate regalia!

Thanks Again,
Nick Jones

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  1. Red DutchPasta Kidd says:

    Yes, and a score-card please.

  2. Navigator Spider says:

    PATICK, come be honest thats Mike isn’t it. How’s your backside from all that God loving you were doing? did the advice about lubricant help? hope it was good for you dude. nice to see someone find their special someone – must have been “hard” (snigger) to come put to yourself…

  3. Jingles says:

    It’s quite simple to use, really. You just browse through their comments, and check off things on the list. For example, he cannot even spell faggot, so he gets a check in the spelling category. Since he mangled our lords name without actually attacking him, he gets a half check.
    As for scoring, well, its a fairly loose guide. If borderline, class as appropriate. Otherwise;
    0-2: A Wit; Intelligent, reasonable, polite and respectable. High likelihood of a reasoned belief system, and serves as a credit to the human race.
    2-4: A Wit in a Fit; While they may normally be a decent poster, they are either irritated, excited, or otherwise unfocused, allowing slightly more than the occasional slip to occur.
    4-6: A Nitwit; Likely seeking attention, may not necessarily mean to irritate, but is not aware of proper forum etiquette, and so comes across badly. With patient councilling, and the occasional application of a large blunt object, subject may be cured.
    6-7: Dimwit; Not overly violent or aggressive, but is nevertheless a troll, an inbred hillbilly, or an above average-intelligence fundamentalist. They are on the absolue edge of redeemability. With extreme electroshock, elocation & deportment lessons, and substantial severe blunt-force trauma, could be upgraded to a nitwit.
    7-8: A Twit; Annoying, loud, cannot use even simple words… what we have here is the Twit. Beyond redemption, these sorry excuses for humanity can be found primarily in years 7-9 of primary/secondary education, and behind the pulpit in Pentecostal churches. Avoid if possible. If unavoidable, bring a big stick. Thankfully, due to short attention spans, these specimens will generally depart after a single post.
    8-9: The Shit; Sets out from the off to be an absolute monkey scrotum. Unable to take a hint, this is the sort of poster who will haunt a thread for as long as their attention span holds. While not a long term poster, they can clog a thread for up to an hour in severe cases. If encountered virtually, non-engagement is advised. If encountered physically, use a shotgun.
    9-9.5: Mimic; what we have here is the stereotype troll. At first glance, will appear a complete fuckwit, however, closer inspection will reveal telltale hints that this is actually an educated poster (Nitwit or better) imitating the lower-order troll lifeform. Should they get annoying, utilising their real name will likely end the display.
    10: The granddaddy of them all, the complet and utter Fuckwit; Few and far between, these few are talked about with hushed voices. Going down in forum legend, their names will be forever uttered as a byword for all things troll. Easily capable of devouring a website for weeks on end, any challenge makes them stronger, any attention makes them bolder. Be warned, for their sign is L337, their marker is spam. If encountered in multiple numbers, can murder a thread beyond salvage. This is the anti-Cheesus. Run while you still can.

  4. Beastly Rich says:

    Nice work jingles. I may add this work to the deciples archives

  5. Marc McOar says:

    Brilliant, Jingles!

  6. Homo narrans says:

    fantastic work there, Jingles.

  7. Teddy says:

    That’s one for the book! ;)
    Bastard, took the lime light off me ;)

  8. Iron gill Kidd says:

    Jingles–OMFSM. You rule.

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